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Making money available to everyone, regardless of where they are located, is one of the goals cryptocurrencies were created to achieve. Crypto exchange bitFlyer is now making the liquidity of the Japanese bitcoin market available to European traders,…

Trading isn’t easy. Luckily there are hundreds of tools out there to help understand what’s going on in the markets. These tools are often based on price charts and a few well-known indicators that most traders use.

A team of professional developers from Estonia is launching a new cryptocurrency exchange called Swep.io. Being extremely enthusiastic about making a name in the space, the Swep.io team has serious plans on improving and adding features into their br…

The decentralized finance (DeFi) space is taking root as a major force in the crypto world, and in 2020 it seems to be granting the entire cryptocurrency space new life as it aims to bring the dream of banking the unbanked closer to reality.

Governments are one of the key price influencers of bitcoin. The actions taken by nation-states can have significant influence on adoption and therefore price. Are we on the cusp of a breakout moment as certain governments warm up to cryptocurrencies…

Trading bitcoin futures can be a world of opportunities. Futures have several benefits for traders, and as a CryptoCompare user reading this, you can now get $40 in USDT to trade them on Binance.

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