5 Litecoin Faucets to Start Earning LTC Right Now

05 Nov 2019

Litecoin coin

Users looking to obtain LTC without having to trade or purchase coins on exchanges can utilize the multitude of Litecoin faucets available. While the payouts for faucets are minuscule at best, they allow for fast and free access to real cryptocurrency and are perfect for those looking to get started.

Litecoin is the sixth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, has been around since 2011 when it was first launched by its founder Charlie Lee. In that time, LTC has grown into a global phenomenon, becoming the official cryptocurrency of the NFL's Miami Dolphins and touted as the silver to bitcoin’s gold. 

In this article we're taking a look at five of the best Litecoin faucets that can be used to take your first steps with LTC.

Moon Litecoin

The Moon Faucet platform is a collection of cryptoasset faucets including big names such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Users can leverage a regular faucet reward by solving captcha images and get paid in real LTC.

The faucet is set to a five-minute timer interval and pays a higher rate to returning users as a part of their daily reward bonus. In addition to leveraging the daily bonus, users can also increase their LTC claim by referring other users to the platform. Payouts are made directly to a CoinPot wallet, which also allows users to store multiple cryptoassets. 


Free-Litecoin is a Litecoin faucet platform that pays LTC to users in exchange for solving captchas and playing online games. Users can make a claim on the faucet once every hour with no restriction on the number of claims made a day.

The website leverages the use of its referral program and pays users 50 percent of any claims made by referred clients. In addition, there is no limit set to the amount of Litecoin that can be withdrawn. For users who prefer to keep their LTC on the faucet, Free-Litecoin offers a yearly ROI of 6% or the opportunity to take a risk and play their “fair multiply game” to increase their holdings. 


The Crypto Faucet is one of the more popular faucet platforms available to users and hosts a multitude of cryptoassets including DOGE and LTC. Users can participate in the simple, daily faucet in order to obtain free crypto.

More ambitious clients can also partake in the referral program for an additional 50% reward. The platform’s faucet payout is instant, with the option for users to choose an automated payout that can be set hourly, daily or weekly to an LTC wallet. The Crypto Faucet’s priority is on simplicity and creating a user-friendly environment. 


Claim LTC is one of the Litecoin faucets for active users looking for regular payouts in the cryptocurrency. The faucet timer is set to a five-minute interval, encouraging users to regularly visit the site in order to claim their reward.

Users are asked to solve captchas in order to obtain their reward, with current payouts amounting to more than 2500 litoshi. Litecoin deposits are made to a faucethub micro-wallet, which also allows users to keep track of multiple crypto-assets on one platform. 


Litecoin Faucet provides users with free LTC every sixty minutes in exchange for solving captchas. The faucet utilizes a tiered payment system that pays clients random amounts of LTC. While the majority (30%) of faucet claimers will obtain a reward of 400 litoshi, a small fraction (0.001%) of claims will receive 2.5 million litoshis every sixty-minute interval.

The platform does require users to maintain an active account of at least one claim every thirty days. In addition, the platform has integrated support with Changelly, allowing users to swap their LTC for other cryptoasset easily. 

Overall, Litecoin faucets can be used as a small supplement, or to learn how to use cryptocurrencies and manage your own crypto. Faucets can also be a great way to have small amounts of funds to try on new crypto wallets or other services without risking exposing your main wallet to potential malicious actors.

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