All Eyes on Blockster: The Social Network Empowering Crypto

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So the buzz is crypto’s about to take another giant leap forward, bursting with fresh ideas! 

Blockster, a prodigy social network that launched a testnet earlier this month, hit the headlines with its latest partnership announcement. As the title sponsor of Hackernoon’s “Startups of the Year 2021”, the platform will help support over 37,000 tech startups from 4,500+ cities across the globe in their pursuit of making a difference in the world.  

The Startups of the Year to Get Serious Exposure

The first prize is street cred – which can’t be overestimated when it comes to the crypto space – but every participant has a chance to get real exposure too! Throughout the 6-month long event, the Blockster team will be hosting regular AMA sessions and interviews with the contestants. By estimates, the total exposure is going to be huge: around 15 million views. 

Besides that, all 35,000+ event partakers will register on Blockster – just imagine the power of the networking effect it’s going to create!

The Go-To Social Network for Blockchain Hustlers

So what exactly is Blockser? In a nutshell, it’s a place where users, coins, and crypto businesses can connect, catch up on what’s happening across the industry, check live price feeds, share high-quality content – and promote their projects in a safe space with no crypto bans or scrutiny

As you are reading this, the Blockster team is gradually onboarding their 300,000+ user base, providing platform sneak peeks for those still on the waitlist, and expecting to let everyone in by the end of August. You are more than welcome to create a free account, explore the network and connect with Hackernoon’s live event in real-time!

Wait, There’s More: Crypto Transfers & Exchange Coming Soon

In Q4 2021, Blockster plans to roll out a mobile app and the whole range of crypto-related features – such as a digital wallet, a trading service, and Blockster Ads, a self-serve intuitive ad platform. These tools will enable users to make no-fee transactions or buy crypto directly from Blockwatch live market feed, which is now powered by Chainlink technology. 

The platform has its own utility token, the BXR token, which is currently on a Pre-Sale at $1 – for a limited time only! You can visit the official webpage to stock on $BXR, or learn more about its tokenomics. 

Well, it looks like Blockster is off to a strong start – and we are sure we’ll see more splendid partnerships coming soon. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the team! 

Keen to learn more? Join the platform’s Telegram Group and subscribe to the waitlist on

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