BlockChain Terminal: Institutional Grade Cryptocurrency Platform

07 May 2018

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In 2016, the traditional hedge fund industry was targeted by negative criticism, basically due to weak performance and high fees charged. This caused a massive pull out (~$112B) from the industry, and turned the eyes of hedge funds managers to the cryptocurrency boom of 2017.

Slowly but surely, the hedge fund industry has started to embrace cryptocurrency investments. A survey made to hedge fund managers in September 2017, by BarclayHedge, showed that 24% of the total sample of managers interviewed, invested or will invest in cryptocurrencies within the next six months.

During the last couple of years, the hedge fund industry has been unable to effectively trade or invest in cryptocurrencies, mainly because there is a lack of institutional-grade tools, specifically with the required compliance capabilities that the industry demands. However, trading cryptocurrencies is about to become a lot easier for hedge funds and institutional investors, as Blockchain Terminal (BCT) is ensuring ease of use and transparency via sophisticated software.

What is Blockchain Terminal?

Blockchain Terminal (BCT) is a platform that will bridge the gap between institutional investors and the cryptocurrency markets allowing portfolio managers, analysts and traders to make crypto trading decisions on a daily basis.

The company’s objective is to connect institutional investors and hedge funds with the cryptocurrency market, in the safest way possible. By combining market data from top cryptocurrency exchanges, information about upcoming ICO’s, as well as news from publications and social media, the company can draw a complete picture of the crypto world for its users.

How does it work?

The company offers proprietary access to a customized ecosystem of institutional grade compliance tools and services that leverage blockchain technology for the wealth management industry. With BCT desktop terminals, users will be able to benefit from a robust new layer of security and functionality for familiar services, as well as new tools for advanced investment strategies.

The Compliance Guard is the foundation of the platform, it provides a deep compliance framework which satisfies even the strictest hedge fund requirements. By creating a strict, secured and monitored environment, this technology ensures that institutional investors can confidently participate in the emerging cryptocurrency market. The Compliance Guard is powered by the proprietary BCT Ledger as the whitepaper explains:

“A hybrid system that combines a private blockchain and a public, permissioned blockchain. The BCT Ledger retains the integrity of critical data and maintains essential confidentiality. BCT is anchored to the broader Ethereum blockchain, with its production-tested infrastructure.”

The entire Blockchain Terminal Ecosystem runs on a utility token. Transactions and functions within the terminal are made exclusively with the BCT Token. The token will be used to register, transact, and utilize applications, all within the platform.

Regarding the exchange integration (used to combine all the market data), it utilizes Compliance Guard technology to display information on almost all the existing cryptocurrencies, all in a compliance-vetted environment.

The pilot installation of the Compliance Guard technology is already installed at 20 hedge funds, with a wider rollout of 200 beta terminals currently being prepared in New York. It is expected that Blockchain Terminal will launch in mid/late 2018.

Be part of the momentum that will allow the multitrillion-dollar hedge fund industry to finally buy, trade and invest in cryptocurrency! The Blockchain Terminal token sale is available now until 30 April 2018:

To learn more about Blockchain Terminal visit their Website, Twitter, Facebook, Blog or read the Whitepaper.


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