Capitalise Crypto: Reshaping The Automated Trading Industry

24 Apr 2018

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The vast majority of cryptocurrency trading is currently being executed by automated trading programs (bots). These bots allow the user to automatically place buy or sell orders just by establishing a few conditions or rules. Once programmed, the bot will automatically start trading according to the rules and conditions the user has previously defined, with no need for human interaction.

As the trading bots continue to gain traction, the markets are becoming more and more competitive, and will eventually reach a point that automated trading will simply rule the entire trading industry. However, this technology and its inner workings are still beyond the reach of most casual traders, and Capitalise Crypto is here to change that.

What is Capitalise Crypto?

Capitalise Crypto is a platform that enables users to automate their trades using plain English text. Once the user has written the rules for how and when they want want to trade, the platform takes the written text and translates it into a series of algorithms that will automatically execute trades on their behalf. Users will even be able to backtest, optimize and monitor the trades, in order to improve their personal strategies.

With the Capitalise Crypto platform, users will be able to enjoy similar tools that hedge fund managers and institutional traders are using in traditional markets. The platform has been under development for over three years and is already in the hands of broker-dealers in closed-beta format.

How does Capitalise Crypto work?

The major feature of the platform is, obviously, its natural language-based interface. This interface allows users to create trading strategies using regular language, giving inexperienced traders a chance to trade with ease.

The Language Interpreter interface assimilates natural language inputs and converts them into an executable algorithm. This works by scanning the text, recognizing the grammar, syntax, and sentence structure, and then deconstructing it into singular components, consisting of conditions and actions. The Interpreter finishes by translating the entire text into a set of operational instructions, or in other words, an algorithm.

The Interpreter is powered by external natural language algorithms, including Sorensen’s Index/Dice Coefficient, Soundex, and Damerau-Levenshtein, adapting these sources to the investment industry.

The company also operates a data aggregation system with more than 60 sources. This means that users can look at the market and act in real time, setting their conditions and automating their trades using different data sources from more than 60 sources across the web. Capitalise Crypto will charge a transaction fee for all the trading activities performed on the platform.

Future Features

Backtesting and Optimization - Users will be able to simulate any scenario using historical data to see exactly how that scenario would have performed. Plus, the platform simultaneously tests alternative scenarios, notifying the user if it finds another scenario to be more successful. Users can then evaluate these suggestions and modify their strategy accordingly.

Social Arena - In the Social Arena, traders of all skill levels and experience can benefit from a broad social network of investors. Seasoned traders can publish a strategy, recruit followers, and earn a percentage of the profit, while novice traders will be able to learn from the best.

The beta version is operational and working and can be accessed here. To learn more about Capitalise Crypto visit their Website, Twitter, Facebook, or join the conversation on Telegram.


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