How to earn Bitcoins with Twitter

12 Apr 2017

Getting your first coins can be hard if you don't have money to invest. Although there are faucets that allow you to earn Bitcoin with no investment required, these give a very small payout compared to the amount of time and effort you must invest in them. However, if you are popular on social media, there may be another way for you to get your hands on some BTC.


Birds is a service by that allows you to be rewarded with bitcoins for retweeting and spreading other people’s messages, or to reward others for retweeting and spreading yours. It's a great way for companies to advertise their products on twitter or to get an important statement accrods . and it's also a good way to earn your first coins with very little effort. Win-win!

There are two kinds of paid tweets.

Normal retweet: This works exactly the same as the retweet button on Twitter; click this button and you’ll retweet the message just as you would on or using the Twitter app.

Bullhorn: This feature is unique to Birds. If you choose to use the Bullhorn, when you retweet a message, it will be cloned and then ‘announced’ (tweeted) to your followers. Instead of the message looking like a retweet it will appear as one of your direct tweets.

You will not get rich from Birds but it's a start!

Step 1: Click here to go to Birds
Step 2: Click "Login with Twitter" to get started

Step 3: You need to authorize Birds to use your twitter account. If you're not logged in, enter your handle, password and click "sign in"

Step 4: You'll need to add a wallet address to receive your coins. Click "Add bitcoin address

Step 5: Enter your address and click "OK"

Step 6: Now, choose which tweet you want to spread. Once you find it, you can click the retweet button or the bullhorn button. However, we want to learn a bit know how much it pays, so click the @handle 

We can see that this tweet pays 50 bit per 100 followers, which is 0.00005 or roughly $0.06. So if you have 2 thousand followers, you can earn about $1.20 for a retweet. Not bad! We can also see that the user has deposited 500000.00 bits which is 0.5 BTC, so he has more than enought to cover our followers. 

Step 7: Click the Retweet Button 

That's it. Easy coins! 

If you get the following message "Your reward is too small to be sent to the blockchain. Get more followers and try again" it means you need to get more followers in order for the transaction to be big enough to be valid. 


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