How to Participate in the Gimli Token Launch

21 Sep 2017

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What is Gimli?

Live eSports events are getting more popular every day, market studies have also shown that live stream audiences crave attention and ways to interact with their hosts and until now, the options for this interaction has been quite limited.

Gimli is a decentralized application built on Ethereum that facilitates a decentralized betting system for live eSports. Its aim is to remodel the industry by allowing streamers to create transparent and trustless real-time betting that does not depend on a third party acting as a bookmaker. By sharing all revenues with partner streamers, Gimli creates a new way for them to interact and monetize their large audience, providing an untapped, stable source of revenue. See our GIM coin page here and read our overview of Gimli project here.

Gimli ICO details


  • David
  • Dan: 
  • Julien: 
  • Tom: 
  • Olivier: 
  • Joe:  
  • Thud:  
  • Mikael:   
  • Sahil: 

Gimli will be holding its ICO on September 16, 2017. The ICO token supply represents 46.67% of the total token supply, so there will be a total of 80,000,000 tokens available, for 0.001428 ETH each at the offering. The ICO funding cap is 114286 ETH and is expected to end on September 30, 2017, or when the funding cap is reached. If there are any unsold tokens when the ICO ends, 50% of the ICO excess tokens will be locked for a period of two years and the other 50% will be burned.

Token Reserve Split (46.67%):

  • 10 Million sold to eSports professionals;
  • 10 Million kept in the Gimli reserve pool for sale through the Gimli App and website;
  • 20 Million granted to advisors, streamers and professional gamers, kept in a multisigned wallet;
  • 30 Million granted to Gimli founders, team and employees;

Click here to learn how ICOs work.

How to prepare for the ICO (Buy ETH)

Today, we're going to show you how to participate in the Gimli token launch event which is currently ongoing.

The first thing you'll need is ETH to buy GIM with, you can use an exchange like Coinbase and others to purchase Ether.

You will also need to create an Ether wallet to store and send the ETH to the ICO and to later store and interact with your GIM tokens. 

In this guiide we are using Please be careful with phishing sites, as there are many.

Part 1 - Create an Ether wallet

Step 1: Click here to go to MyEtherWallet
Step 2: Enter a strong password and click "Create new wallet"

Step 3Store your Private Key. Click "Download Keystore File (UTC/JSON)"

Step 4Once the Keystore File has been downloaded, click "I understand. Continue."

Step 5: You can also save or write down your private key

Step 6: Click "Save your address"

Step 7: Now, to see your address, upload your private key. To do so, click "Keystore File (UTC / JSON)"

Step 8Upload your Keystore file.


Step 9: Enter your password and click "Unlock"

Step 10: Once your wallet is unlocked, you can scroll down to see all details. Including the wallet address which you'll need to send ETH from the exchange to the wallet.

Part 2 - How to Buy Ether

We're going to show you how to buy Ether with your debit card on the Coinbase exchange. However, you can use a number of exchanges like Kraken, Bitstamp and many others. Click here to see exchanges where you can buy ETH.

Part 2.1 - Create an Account 

Step 1: Click here to go to Coinbase and click "Sign Up". Fill out your information and click "Create Account" 

Step 2: After filling out your personal info, you need to verify your email adress. Open your inbox and click the "Verify Email Adress" button. 

Step 3: Click "Next"

Step 4: Choose your country (1) and cellphone number (2), then click "Next" (3).
Then, click "Send SMS" (1). You will receive an SMS with a 7 digit code, type the code into the correct field (2) and click "Verify Phone number" (3) 

Step 5: After you phone has been verified you will need to verify your identity using an ID. Click "Start Verification" and choose the document you want to use.

Step 6: This is going to open a window for you to take a picture of your document with a webcam. Allow Adobe Flash (1) and Your Browser (2) to use the camera. 

Your account is now created and verified. Time to buy some Ether 

Part 2.2 - Add your debit/credit card

Step 1: Once you've confirmed your identity, you'll be prompted to add a new payment method. 

Step 2: Choose the second option and dd all your credit card information (1) and click "Next" (2). Check the example below if you have any questions 

Now it's time to buy some crypto using your credit card. If you don't want to your a card, you can also choose the "Bank Account" option and follow the steps provided by Coinbase.

Part 2.3 - Buy Ether using your debit/credit card  

Step 1: After your debit/credit card has been added you can click "Buy Digital Currency

Step 2: Choose Ether and fill in the amount of ETH or fiat equivilant you want to buy. (1) and click "Buy Ether Instantly(2)


And you're done. You are now an official Ether holder. Now we need to send ETH to the wallet we previously created in Part 1. Please, don't send ETH directly from an exchange as it will result in the loss of ICO tokens.

Part 3 - Get the smart contract address from

Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Click "Participate in the ICO"

You will be shown the Gimli ICO address

Part 4 - Send ETH to the Gimli ICO

Step 1: Once you have your wallet you can now send and receive transactions. You need to upload the private key file you have created through MyEtherWallet or mist/geth. To do so, click "Send Transaction", select the type of private key you want to use (Keystore, Json file or Plain text) and click "Select wallet file". (UTC is the most common)

Step 2: Select the wallet and click "Unlock wallet" 

Step 3: Enter the ICO address seen on Part 3, and how much you want to send. Click "Generate transaction" and then "Send transaction".  
Contract address: 



Step 4: One last confirmation window will appear, click "Yes, I am sure"

Watch the GIM token

Once you receive your tokens, you’ll need to use them. To learn how to watch and interact with a token on MyEtherWallet, read this guide.


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