How to Upload a File With a Bitcoin Price tag

19 Apr 2017

Selling digital items is not as easy as one would think. Most digital items are subject to be duplicated and when selling them with typical payment systems, chances are the item is not covered by any type of seller protection, leaving the vendor open to chargeback scams.

While Bitcoin is the obvious choice when selling digital items, setting everything up can take some effort. However, there’s a better way.

It’s called Satoshi Box, a web browser app that allows you to upload your files, place a price tag on them and get paid everytime someone downloads the file. This can save you the work of having to check transactions and sending the file, automating the process completely.

The minimal fee for Satoshi Box is 6% or 0.0009BTC. When someone downloads your file, your coins are paid automatically to your BTC address after network confirmation. Satoshi Box reserves the right to delete files that don’t have traffic after 30 days.

Let’s get to it!

Part 1 - Create an account (Optional)

You don’t really need to register an account, but doing so will make your life easier and keep your files organized.

Step 1: Click here to go to Satoshi Box
Step 2: Click "Sign up"

Step 3: Enter your email, user name and password and click “Submit

Step 4: Your new account has been created. Let’s move on to uploading a file by clicking “upload new files now

Part 2 - Upload a file

Step 1: Click “Choose files” to select the files you want to upload into a download link

Step 2: Choose the file you want to upload and click “Open”. You can upload multiple images

Step 3: You can now see the selected files on Satoshi Box, now input the price you want to charge for each download as seen below

Step 4: Add the BTC address you want the revenue to be sent to

Step 5: Lastly, click “Upload and Share

And that’s about it! You’ll be redirected to your file’s download page as seen below:

Part 3 - Manage your new bo

This section will allow you to place a more advanced description on the public download page.

Step 1: After you upload, your files you have the option to edit the files by clicking “Manage this box” (Alternatively, you can click your username which will take you to the dashboard, then click “edit” on the desired box)

Step 2: Enter the box title, longer description, and a message for paying customers (usually a thank you note). Then click "Save changes"

Step 3: To see the changes on the file, click the title as seen below

You’ll be taken to your box’s link. We can see that the changes were implemented.

You can further manage your boxes with Satoshi Box advanced options. To do so, click your username (on the right upper corner) and you’ll be taken to your dashboard. Choose the box to edit and click "edti". You can then add email alerts and even an affiliate system for people that refer your box to others. pretty cool, right? 


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