Kind Ads: The Next Generation of Online Advertising

20 Mar 2018

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The internet has undoubtedly changed the way humans access and interact with information. Similar to the Gutenberg revolution, the internet has expanded the reach of humankind, allowing anyone to express their views and share their knowledge, while also making it possible for anyone in the world to have access to information, education and entertainment.

Not only are online influencers being able to kickstart their careers and reach millions of people, they are also getting paid to do so. The online advertising industry is one of the most important sectors of the internet industry and it’s basically what keeps the lights on for most online businesses. However, it is also, one of the most flawed parts of the internet ecosystem.

Website owners, bloggers, and other types of influencers and publishers are often forced to deal with ad networks when monetizing their content. These ad networks will often take most of the revenue, place irrelevant ads on the websites, and become intrusive overtime, diminishing the overall user experience and reach of the website.

Kind Ads: Advertising Without the Irritating Ads

Even though online advertising is wildly unpopular, most people will agree that it is what keeps the internet going. It’s much better to see a banner or close a pop-up, than paying for access to unique content or subscription fees. But what if we could make online advertising enjoyable for everyone evolved?

That’s where Kind Ads comes in.

Kind Ads is an decentralized ad network platform that seeks to make the online ad experience more pleasant for all those involved, bringing more revenue for publishers with high quality ads, less fees for advertisers and more effective, less intrusive for the users. Kind Ads plans to do this by cutting out the middleman, taking in no fees as a platform whatsoever.

“At Kind Ads our goal is to make the Internet more kind. We are doing this by removing the middle men, which will lead publishers to be compensated fairly and advertisers won't have to pay ridiculous fees. And best of all, you the user will also get a piece of the advertising pie by sharing your data”, said Neil Patel one of the top advisors for this project.

How does Kind Ads work?

Kind Ads aims to eliminate the middleman by creating a decentralized ad network in which publishers and advertisers interact directly in a transparent manner.

Exchanging subscriber access ethically and making tracking information accurate and quick. In this ecosystem, advertisers will find publishers based on subscriber quality.

The aforementioned quality will be enforced by a decentralized quality and reputation score for domains and publishers in which all publishers are scored via an algorithm, based on historical campaign effectiveness and information provided by various oracles such as Google Analytics. Kind Ads will also provide a variety of ad formats, provided by a variety of app partners.This system allows webmasters to be paid according to the quality of their traffic and ensures advertisers are getting their money’s worth.

On the other hand, users will be presented with much more pleasant advertising, one that ultimately contributes to the user experience, instead of diminishing it. Opting out of ads is also made easy with Kind Ads, as users can stop receiving ads by clicking a simple button.

However, the most rewarding aspect of Kind Ads will be its tokenized rewards pool in which KIND, an Ethereum-based token, will be awarded to users based on their behavior and how much information they are willing to share. The reward pool is based on the website's traffic quality, so effective campaigns lead to more rewards for the user.

KIND Token

The KIND token is an ERC20 token based om the Ethereum blockchain. Instead of taking fees, Kind Ads allocates 85% of all ad dollars to the publishers and the remaining 15% to a reward pool that benefits you the user and app partners. The white paper reads:

“Users will be able to specify exactly how they allow their data to be used, and will be incentivized to grant publishers (and advertisers) more access via token rewards. As an example, a user who grants the publisher the right to let a third party advertiser market to them would be rewarded with more tokens than a user who grants the publisher only the right to market to them directly with no third party marketing allowed.”

As part of its launch, Kind Ads will be giving KIND Tokens for you to use them in the Platform for FREE, just sign up here.


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