Maximize Your BTC Profit During a Bull Market: Bexplus Investment Tips

The value of investments and any income from them can fall and you may get back less than you invested.

Different market trends lend themselves to different trading strategies. When cryptocurrency markets are trending upwards, there are a variety of strategies that can be employed to profit from the trend. Traders will need to balance the trade off between profit and risk - as volatility in the market both maximizes potential profits as well as the potential to lose your investments.

How can you profit from a bullish movement for BTC?

  1. You can buy in BTC immediately and hold it until it rises to the peak with a 10% profit in the short term.
  2. Trade BTC futures contracts and maximize profit with leverage trading. For example, with 100x leverage added, when BTC goes up 10%, you can get 1000% profit. (If BTC goes down, you can lose your entire investment).

It’s easy to see which kind of trading can be more profitable. So how would you select a trusted BTC futures exchange and get started?

How to choose a cryptocurrency futures exchange?

There aren’t many differences between general futures exchanges and most of them provide cold wallets, high-leverage etc.

It’s recommended users consider the following 2 factors, however:

No spread. The spread is essentially the difference between the bid price and the ask price. basically. 90% of futures exchanges deliberately set the spread, making it more difficult to earn money through trading. If you’ve traded futures contracts before, you will find that you will have found that you lose a little money once you open a position.

Using trading simulators

For beginners, you can try out trading in the futures exchange using the trading simulator. In this way, you can learn cryptocurrency futures trading and become familiar with the trading process. In addition, you can predict the market trend without incurring loss.

Bexplus is a world-leading crypto futures exchange. Founded and developed by senior blockchain architects and experienced financial traders in late 2017, Bexplus has established offices in Hong Kong, United States, Brazil, Russia, Australia and more, supporting 26+ languages worldwide.

Different from other futures exchanges, Bexplus provides perpetual contracts for Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin with 100x leverage, without a spread charge. Perpetual contracts allow you to open and close the orders anytime you want. With 100x leverage, you can enter a larger trade with a small amount of capital to amplify the profits.

Upgraded 100% deposit bonus activity is ongoing on Bexplus. Deposit 1 BTC, and you can get 1 BTC as bonus.


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