Some facts about the project DateCoin

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DateCoin – represents the world's first Dating service that uses intelligent algorithms and the technologies of neural network on the basis of already operating successful business model (MVP – app Denim) and has a program of a buy-back on the blockchain. The aim of the project is to create a unique intelligent dating service that will give an opportunity to quickly search and succesfully meet the perfectly matched partners.

The Pre-ICO of the project DateCoin – the world's first dating service that uses intelligent algorithms and neural network technology, based on the already operating successful business model (MVP – app Denim) and which has a buyback program on the blockchain – was launched at midnight on the 29th of November. During the first few days of the pre-SALE, the project DateCoin collected over 845 ETH (about $590,000).

What problems will the project DateCoin be solving?

Nowadays, existing online dating services in most cases turn out to be ineffective in finding partners – users are regularly confronted with an abundance of low-quality or even non-existent profiles, useless filtering algorithms, hidden payments and fraud. The IT-project DateCoin will provide its users with a fast and high-quality selection of partners based on a face recognition technology, as well as on morphological and semantic analysis of conversations. Automated intelectual verification will provide the service with the presence of only real profiles of women with their real photos. With the ability to encrypt correspondence users can be assured of the privacy and security of data storage. Within the project only the required services will be expected to be paid– no hidden charges.

Why the ICO?

The aim of the project DateCoin – not just to create another dating service, but to change fundamentally the sphere of dating sites in general. The launching to the ICO and a selling of the tokens DateCoin (DTC) will allow the company to develop the project efficiently, to finance its development and to promote the product to the international market. The holders of the highly liquid tokens DTC will be provided with privileged conditions of use of the service, and with the possibility of a buy-back.

Why are the tokens DTC necessary?

The purchasing of DTC token gives access to special conditions of use of the service and provides with the opportunity to meet the best women from all over the world. The token can be used to purchase services within the project on favorable terms, as it is denominated in the currency of the application. Only holders of the tokens will have an access to unlimited use of the service, unique gifts, custom individual notifications and status elements of design. A part of the tokens can always been sold on the secondary market to the users of the service DateCoin who are interested in discounts and preferential conditions.

What is a "system of buy-back"?

The token DTC – is a highly liquid token, the demand for which will be supported by the project DateCoin as well as by users of the service. According to the developed project of the the buy-back system, every month the company DateCoin will direct 20% of their revenues for the ransom of the tokens. This will smoothly reduce the number of the tokens in circulation and increase their value. The ransom will be carried out on the basis of the smart contract.

Why is the creation of a fundamentally new dating service relevant?

A deep analysis of the dating market shows that today the users of online services all over the world prefer to dating in real life dating with the help of network, mostly using mobile phone. Continued technical progress and the universal digitization only increase the level of interest to the sphere of dating. Every day a user becomes more selective and demanding of the tools for conducting the search, that's why improving the work of online dating services and provision of quality services give the sphere of dating a promising growth and effective monetization.

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