TaleCraft: A Medieval-Themed Gaming Metaverse

15 Nov 2021

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Medieval games are an exciting genre where the world of magic, folklore and history are interwoven together. This exciting prospect is taken to the next level by TaleCraft, a gaming metaverse that has successfully built a medieval game on the blockchain.

TaleCraft is a card game that allows players endless possibilities to control mythical creatures and take over lands and objects within a medieval universe. By leveraging the unique qualities of NFTs, TaleCraft has gotten the right mix between gaming and incentivizing engagement from players.

Players are able to mint unique NFTs that give them unique attributes that can be crucial to victory or defeat in battles within the game. The goal of players is to advance to higher levels within the game by minting NFTs with a higher value than their competitors.

Gaming metaverse

Everyone has been high on metaverse, and TaleCraft is one of the first gaming metaverses to provide a medieval world for users. The play-to-earn model is deployed to great effect, and players will be able to mint NFTs while playing.

TaleCraft has healthy tokenomics and a proper blockchain architecture. It is built on the Avalanche blockchain known for its high transaction speeds and low gas fees. Players will be able to withdraw their funds quickly and mint NFTs at low fees.

The TaleCraft gaming platform is quite immersive with the use of beautiful medieval-themed graphics that will interest gamers. The NFT game has over 100 alchemist pieces that can be used to create NFTs. In addition, the token mechanics of TaleCraft are uniquely built for players to optimize the gaming components.

Each alchemist's chest contains a singular card comprised of one of the four sacred elements Air, Earth, Water or Fire. To unlock the chest, players must deposit 10 CRACK tokens and 0.1 AVAX. This leads to the crafting phase, where players can combine different cards to craft NFTs to achieve higher levels.

NFTs generated can be sold on supported NFT marketplaces or used within the gaming ecosystem for rewards in CRAFT tokens.

Exciting future ahead

TaleCraft metaverse is poised to take a significant stake in the fast-growingfast crypto metaverse ecosystem. The hallmark of a sustainable crypto project is the support from venture capitalists, and TaleCraft has a whole roster of top VCs. It recently raised funds from a private sale participated by Kangaroo Capital, Dutch Crypto and ZBS Capital.

TaleCraft has also announced plans to create the Crafter Pool System to introduce staking features and a DEX to its metaverse. In addition, a dedicated NFT marketplace will be launched for players to list and auction their NFTs.

Partnerships are also crucial to adoption, and TaleCraft has already partnered with the oracle platform Chainlink to integrate its verifiable random function. This is expected to provide a fair and unpredictable gameplay environment for users.

Other partnerships include DeFi platform Lydia Finance and Avalanche DEX giant Pangolin. There are also plans to list CRAFT token on several centralized exchanges in the coming weeks.

To learn more about TaleCraft, visit these links:

Twitter | Telegram | Website


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