What is Betternot.rest

16 Mar 2017

Time is MoneyWe have all heard the expression “time is money” and we know it to be true. Every minute we waste can be translated into dollars (or Bitcoins) according to one’s hourly rate. What’s more is that time can also be considered an investment or a lack of it. Investing time in your education will eventually payout big time and being late for a job interview may be your biggest regret.

However, this concept is often hard to visualize and sometimes time slips between our fingers taking our earnings with it. We’ve all been there and more often than not, we can blame our warm fuzzy bed.

Yes, sleeping is important but sleeping too much may cost you money and now even more so. Betternot.rest the new-gen alarm clock, one that brings the concept of “time is money” to life. This alarm clock will, not only wake you up, it will make your regret you didn’t.


The Betternot.rest project was founded by Neylor Zaurisio an active member of the Bitcoin community from Brazil, the leading country in sleep studies. According to him, Betternot.rest may come as solution to a problem that affects millions of people.

“Betternot.rest is a project made for the Bitcoin community by a member of the Bitcoin community. Our idea is to help promote Bitcoin and Blockchain technology and ensure a better life for all. We aim to solve a problem that affects approximately 70% of the world population, the difficulty of waking up in the morning.”

A solution to a common problem. Betternot.rest is a Smart Alarm Clock that motivates the user to wake up on time, rewarding them with Bitcoin. If the user does not wake up at the specified time a small amount of Bitcoin, preconfigured by the user, would begin to leak into our system and at the end of the month over 90% of funds from these leaks would be divided among users who have managed to wake up at the scheduled time.

This creates a direct incentive to wake up on time or a punishment for not doing so. However, the app’s main goal is not to create a revenue stream for users, but rather to create an incentivized environment to promote correct sleeping behavior. Neylor explains:

“Our mission is to improve the quality of life of our users, our application will also work without the need to use Bitcoin, our feature to reserve a Bitcoin amount to wake up is just a motivation and that amount will be chosen by the user.” He continued “Our idea is to use the app as a tool to educate the user to wake up on time, which is why we are in negotiations to bring a specialist in the field of sleep science.”

Promoting cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology is also a top priority for Betternot.rest.

“Another important feature being implemented in our UX/UI will assist in the Bitcoin's adoption for non-users. Our Product Design is being produced to ease the transition of users who use common payment method to cryptocurrency.” He continued “It will be possible to make the deposit using common payment methods such as USD, EUR and also some altcoins chosen from a survey that will be held with the Bitcoin community. However, once sent to the application will be automatically converted into Bitcoin.”

Currently, Betternot.rest is holding a crowdfunding campaign, which is highly common in the crypto space. However, Betternot.rest proposes a different model than the “fuel or equity” model usually presented in ICOs. Neylor:

“The crowdfunding page was build to promote the idea to the Bitcoin community and also attract investors. Creating an app that will store and distribute Bitcoin is quite complex and requires time and a good team, so once crowdfunding is complete we will use the funds to help in the final stage of our development, ensuring safety and performance for our users and also helping in the App's promotion since 20% of all donations will be split among the first 1.000 users who signup at the application launch”

Betternot.rest is developed in partnership with Syscoin, the platform on which these smart contracts will be hosted. To learn more about Betternot.rest and to participate in the donation campaign visit the official website.

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