Introduction to ClearPoll - A Social Public Opinion Poll Network on the Blockchain

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The Problem

In recent times, the media, private organizations, and even governments have manipulated or censored true public opinion, to suit their agenda. The main problem is the centralization of public opinion poll data. Controlling the polls allows them to use it to their advantage, and does not give an accurate picture of what people really want.

The Solution - ClearPoll

ClearPoll is a social public opinion poll network, using blockchain technology to secure votes and poll results. The decentralized polls are not censored and cannot be manipulated. Users can easily download the app, search for topics that are important to them, and easily vote. They can then view detailed poll results and easily share the results. ClearPoll aims to be the place to go, to have your say. A hub of accurate, current public opinion across a wide range of topics including politics, human rights, entertainment, sports and more.

ClearPoll also has extended services including ClearPoll Plus, and ClearPoll Advertising Network. ClearPoll Plus is an advanced data metrics subscription, designed for journalists and marketing companies to access very detailed metrics on age, gender, specific location, votes by the hour and much more, a valuable tool for research and reporting. The ClearPoll Advertising Network sells advertising space on the app and desktop formats. Both of these additional services can only be purchased using POLL tokens.

ClearPoll ICO

POLL tokens are in short circulation, with a soft cap of 1 million and a hard cap of 10 million on offer.  10% of all POLL tokens will be reserved to be later destroyed at a rate of 100 every time a poll is completed, reducing the supply and making ClearPoll a deflationary currency.

The ClearPoll Pre-ICO is running from September 9 until October 2 and there is a current token bonus rate of 30%. The ICO will run from October 2, to October 26 and the bonus rates diminish throughout each stage. The launch of ClearPoll will take place on August 2018, should the ICO reach it soft cap goal.


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Contributions accepted in ETH, BTC, NEO, and LTC.

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