What is LH-Crypto?

14 Dec 2017

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What is LH-Crypto?

LH-Crypto is the project of the first cryptobroker, and the coin of the project is LHC - is a token with monthly income from operational activities. Now the ICO of the project is going on - at the moment LH-Crypto collected $ 3,450,000.

Cryptocurrency as a financial instrument today enjoy a great interest of the public. Capitalization of the cryptocurrency market from the January of 2017 has risen more than 10 times. Users of cryptocurrency, who’s number become higher every day usually are attracted to the field of Internet trading. However, nowadays there is no mechanism which would incorporate these two areas into a single eco-system with convenient and understandable to the holders of the cryptocurrency functions.

Today, the vast majority of brokers on the stock exchanges open accounts of their users in fiat currencies – US dollars, Euros and others. Which means that all transactions within the exchange are carried out in these currencies. Such an approach prevents interested users from a number of countries with rigid exchange restrictions from joining the trading market – most of the Arab countries and Asia. The need to license the work in the field of trading complicates the activities of the companies and significantly increases their costs.

Another problem with the trading market is different commission fees for banking services and the losses due to unfavorable exchange rates. Nowadays, while effecting any transactions within the exchange, the broker is obliged to use the services of third parties, that is why he loses 5-6% on each trade. And unfavorable terms of exchange of cryptocurrency for fiat currency with the aim to participate in trading scare away most members of the cryptocurrency community from the participation in the market.

Introduction to LH-Crypto

Considering all these issues, a group of enthusiasts and experts started creating an effective solution that will allow to break down the barriers and to remove restrictions in the field of trading. This solution is called LH-Crypto – the world's first cryptobroker, where all financial transactions will be carried out only in cryptocurrency. The project LH-Crypto will attract into the trading not previously involved participants and will save users from unnecessary costs and financial losses.

How does LH-Crypto work?

Conducting of all the settlements on the stock exchange in cryptocurrency while using blockchain technology will solve the problem of cooperation with users from China, Vietnam, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Arab countries and from other countries with strict foreign exchange regulations once and for all. This will allow the broker to increase significantly the involvement of users in the field of trading.

A broker who conducts all financial transactions and retains funds solely in cryptocurrency can operate only on the Internet. This opportunity excludes the need to create physical branches in the countries of residence of his customers, that’s why there is no need to obtain the appropriate licenses. This allows the broker to avoid unnecessary financial costs, and  to spend these saved funds on an effective marketing program to attract clients – development of bonus and partner programs, promotional lotteries, etc.

The use of cryptocurrency instead of fiat currencies will attract the holders of the cryptocurrency, who has previously shunned the stock exchanges because of unfavorable conditions for participation in the transactions. The cryptocurrency community consists of  active people who are quite willing to participate in speculative operations and become clients of Forex brokers. So, now there will be a chance to bring to market trading this part of the audience as well, expanding the client base of the broker.

Another important point is saving on the commission fees. Implementation of financial operations in fiat currencies requires the use of banking services, which leads to the losses of the broker up to 6% on each transaction. The transactions in crypto-currencies with a fixation on the blockchain eliminate this need and enable the broker to reduce operating expenses from 6% to 1%.

The token of LH-Crypto (LHCoin)

The project LH-Crypto has its own token – LHCoin. You may wonder why the project needs its  own token, as the described above model is already perfect. With the help of the token LHCoin and launching of the project on the ICO, we collect funds for the creation of a separate unit of a broker inside the already successfully running on the stock exchange broker Larson&Holz IT Ltd. All operations under this division are to be made in cryptocurrencies and  in the tokens of our own project LHCoin (final stage).

In fact, the token LHCoin is an effective tool for investment in the project LH-Crypto, which provides a number of benefits and rewards to their holders. The company Larson&Holz  has comprehensively approached the development of its own token LHCoin, fully protected it from all sides and made it profitable and attractive to investors.

The successful business with years of experience in the Forex market and a wide client base around the world underlie the token LHCoin. This allows the company to provide its investors  with maximum guarantee – "Token Rate Insurance System". A guaranteed return from the token LHCoin declared by the company Larson&Holz – is not below 20% per year. If at the end of the year, the price of the token on the exchange will have a less return, the company undertakes to cover the difference from its own funds. In addition, the market value of the token will be supported by the direct investment of the company Larson&Holz, which also invests in its own project LH-Crypto.

LHCoin token is a token with a monthly income from the operating activities of the company Larson&Holz according to the developed system of encouragement of the investors, "CASHBACK Program". This system involves a binding monthly transfer of a fixed percentage of the entire sum of the operating activities of the company to the accounts of LHCoin holders from the saved funds on banking services.

For investors who were first to join the project LH-Crypto there was developed another reward system -  "Early Bird Bonus". According to this system, the margin received by the company from the growth rates of the token LHCoin during the ICO (5%, 10%, 15% and 21%), will be evenly divided between previously invested depositors.

The company Larson&Holz encourages any participation in the project LH-Crypto, even non-financial. So, according to a specially developed referral program ("Referal Program"), each referral will receive a fixed percentage from involved funds to the project in ETH (3%) or bonuses in the form of bounty tokens LHCoin_b (1 to 10).


Although, traders and holders of cryptocurrencies are intersecting audiences, today there is no way for their interaction. That is why the project LH-Crypto will be an interesting solution for the cryptocurrency community and attract them to participate in trading.

The implementation of the project LH-Crypto is designed for two years (including the period  of the PRE ICO). Just in two years the company Larson&Holz plans to get cryptocurrency, which trade turnover will be comparable to the turnover of any traditional Forex broker of the TOP 10.

Throughout the entire process of investing in the project LH-Crypto (from start of the PRE ICO  up to the launching of the broker) the investors will receive profit from the project, along with the company. The return from the token LHCoin will be supported not only by increasing of their market value, but also by the range of mechanisms developed by the company which are independent of the value of the token on the stock exchange - "Early Bird Bonus", "CASHBACK Program", "Token Rate Insurance System", "Referal Program".

By virtue of the unique features of the project LH-Crypto and its novelty in the field of trading, the company Larson&Holz expects at least a two-fold increase in the cost of the token LHCoin during the first year after its placement on the stock exchange.


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