What is the Noah Project?

When cryptocurrencies came to the market, businesses and entrepreneurs discovered a wide range of new opportunities. Blockchain provides such benefits as the facilitation of value transfers without any intermediaries, which significantly reduces the transactions fees; transfer of money in a more secure and anonymous way, which protects users' personal data; access to the banking and financial services with any device connected to the Internet.

In spite of the fact that more and more entities and individuals make their first steps to apply blockchain technology and digital currencies in different fields, they are only at the beginning of their way and lack a sufficient infrastructure for utilizing cryptos and getting access to a range of services and products they can obtain with their coins.

The challenge is that there are precious few such locations in the world where the crypto enthusiasts would be able to use the virtual money to the fullest. Here comes the Noah Project with its innovative solution.

The Noah Project: creating crypto city and crypto resort

The Noah Project is called upon to solve this problem and provide the crypto holders with an opportunity to join the crypto ecosystem with perfect infrastructure for trading, transferring money and making payments. The aim of this pioneer project is to gather crypto fans and users (customers, businesspersons, and traders) in one very specific and intuitive ecosystem that can smoothly integrate all the existing features under the same structure. The Noah Project offers the remittance, trading, exchanging, and other services giving the users a unique and viable alternative to traditional methods. Thanks to the Noah ecosystem, they will be able to employ various services and expand their experience in dealing with cryptocurrencies.

The Noah Project is aimed to be implemented in the Philippines. This country develops at a fast pace, eagerly embraces new technologies, and seeks solutions for the remittance problem, which can be overcomed thanks to blockchain. A great number of Filipinos work abroad and send their earnings to their families via bank transfers. Doing so, they have to pay huge remittance fees amounting up to 10%. The Noah Project provides them with a fast, cheap, and easy method of money transfer, which allows to cut the transactions fees down to 2-3%.

Moreover, the project team plans to deal with another issue - the lack of necessary infrastructure for utilizing cryptocurrency. Today the community suffers from a lack of places with the developed facilities, where it is possible to use virtual money. The Noah Project has ambitious plans to create a crypto hub called Noah City, which will be built on a 419 hectares of land within Horizon Manila. It is a new reclaimed land project in the heart of Manila Bay, promised to become the largest Central Business District in the Philippines. According to the initial plans, Noah City will open its doors to the first visitors in 2020-2022.

People will be able to use Noah Coin in any part of the Noah City and avail of discounts and loyalty programs. Moreover, traditional money like cash or bank cards will also be accepted in the future hub.

Apart from Noah City, the project team is working on another direction - a luxury Noah Resort. The team partners with Dakak Beach Resort located in Zamboanga del Norte province of the country to accommodate Noah Resort there. With Noah Coin tourists will have an exclusive access to its various services and amenities, including the world-class golf courses, horseback riding, scuba diving, kayaking, river cruise.

Noah City and Noah Resort allow users to actually use crypto rather than simply accumulate wealth and also help develop lesser known areas with their fiat money.

Besides these ventures, the Noah Project team is working on creating a convenient and easy-to-use Noah Wallet. This cryptocurrency application will be available for free on iOS, Android, and Web platforms and will allow holders to send and receive cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and Ripple, as well as the project's own cryptocurrency - Noah Coin (NOAH). The users will be able to use the wallet for making payments in the Noah ecosystem. When the work is completed, the project team will make transactions available at Noah Resort and Dakak.

Noah Coin (NOAH) token

Noah Coin is an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum blockchain and issued after successful token generation event at the beginning of 2018. Noah Coin is now listed and traded on several cryptocurrency exchanges. There are such well-known exchanges as HitBTC, Changelly, BTC-Alpha, Mercatox, LiveCoin, and YoBit. Noah holders will receive various discounts, privileges, cashbacks, loyalty programs, and special access to all the parts of Noah City. It will become a go-to destination for all crypto evangelists with all necessary infrastructure, shops, restaurants, hotels, and resorts.


The Noah Project's mission is to build an ecosystem powered by cryptocurrencies and meet the demands of crypto holders and traders for suitable infrastructure with low fees, fast and secure transactions, and many other features blockchain technology and digital values can offer. The users will get an access to Noah City, where they can do business, and to Noah Resort where they can rest using their Noah Coins, for which one will get various privileges and discounts.

To learn more about the Noah Project, visit the official website and kindly join Telegram chat discussion, or follow the project on Facebook and Twitter.

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