Market Analysis Report

28 September 2017

Litecoin is Rallying. Hits Over $2.4 Bln Market Cap

Litecoin jumped three places to be the world's number four crypto on Saturday. In the process, it pushed aside IOTA, NEM and Ethereum Classic, when just last Wednesday it was ranked seventh. At the moment, LTC is being sold for $46.83 and its market cap has surpassed the $2.4 bln mark. The rally is most likely centered around the activation of SegWit, the removal from withdrawal bans in China and the recent news from Litecoin founder Charlie Lee in which he announced his resignation from Coinbase to concentrate fully on his brainchild.

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F2Pool Announces Support For SegWit2x

Posting an official announcement, F2Pool is the most recent company to signal its position on the SegWit2x proposal. The announcement indicated F2Pool’s support of the New York Agreement, as well as SegWit2x. Echoing other recent industry announcements, F2Pool did indicate that the support is contingent on SegWit2x being technologically mature. The announcement reads:

"F2Pool verbalized its support for miners, stating the “miners are, without doubt, the protector and guardian in the development of Bitcoin.”

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Ethereum Classic Rises to Suprise Top Ten Crypto Markets

Ethereum Classic has advanced more than any other top tencryptocurrency to reach almost $25 per coin this weekend. The growth comes amid a raft of successful deals which have served to heighten the profile of ETC as ETH increasingly becomes a mainstream cryptocurrency. The past weeks have seen ETC debut on UK-based trading platform eToro, while major Chinese exchange BTCC announced it would also commence trading the asset directly in response to customer demand. Currently sitting at $21.25, ETC grew 31% during the weekend.

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Ethereum Messaging Platform Status Offers $50,000 Bug Bounty

Ethereum experts have the chance to make a little extra pocket change this summer, as bug bounty hunting revs up with the network token release from Status. Users who have started using the Status Network Token (SNT) were encouraged to participate. Status, the messaging platform and mobile browser for the Ethereum network, offered a surprisingly large bug bounty in which users finding major bugs would be rewarded with up to $25,000 in either Bitcoin or Ether, and in the case of critical level vulnerabilities, hunters could receive as much as $50,000.

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State of the Crypto

Bitcoin is up 0.36% at $2,592.14 with a volume of Ƀ 73,908.6 - $187,877,134.8 on the USD pairs.

Litecoin is up 8.68% against the dollar for the day at $46.93 and up 8.13% to Ƀ 0.01823 on volumes of Ƀ 50.2k.

Ether is down 2.31% against Bitcoin at Ƀ 0.1398 per Ether and down 2.45% against the dollar to $357.51 with average volume Ƀ 46.7k on the ETHBTC pair.

Dash is up 9.57% at Ƀ 0.07578 with Ƀ 15.7k volume and up 11.33% against the dollar at $192.63.

Ripple is up 4.95% to Ƀ 0.0001041 with volumes of Ƀ 23,629.4 and up 5.88% against the dollar at $ 0.2685.

Zcash is down 1.88% for the day to Ƀ 0.1463 per ZEC and down 2.2% against the dollar to $372.7 with an average volume of Ƀ 3.4k for the 24 hour period.

Monero is down 0.94% against the dollar at $ 50.55 and down 1.89% against Bitcoin at Ƀ 0.01975 on volumes of Ƀ 2.5k.

Ether Classic is up 1.73% to Ƀ 0.008354 with volumes of Ƀ 13.8k and up 0.14% against the dollar at $21.47.

Stratis is down 2.85% to Ƀ 0.002968 on Ƀ 3k volume.

Waves is down 2.68% to Ƀ 0.001994 on Ƀ 630.05 volume.

Market risers
1 ORE +70.62%
2 ZCL +52.06%
3 XGOX +37.50%
4 RICKS +34.56%
5 RUP +32.15%
Market losers
1 NGC -39.05%
2 GPU -33.19%
3 DTA -29.34%
4 INT -28.59%
5 LIZA -28.57%
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