Market Analysis Report

28 September 2017

Bitcoin Hits $1900

The price of Bitcoin has hit and passed yet another milestone on the price charts, this time $1900. Currently sitting at $1913, Bitcoin is only about $100 short of doubling its value in 2017 which started with Bitcoin at around $1000. The continuous Bitcoin rally is believed to be connected to the recent law in Japan, the prospect of a revised ETF decision and a global upsurge in interest for blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

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Ethereum Reaches $100 ATH

Ether, the underlying currency of the Ethereum blockchain has broken yet another all-time high record. Reaching the $100 mark at about 2 AM GMT, Ether is now sitting at $108 rising 15.70% in the last 24 hours with over $73 million and 66k BTC exchanges in the USD and BTC markets. The surge is connected to the upcoming developments in the platform, the prospect of an Ethereum ETF and the general cryptocurrency market rally which has also seen Bitcoin past $1900.

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European Retail Giant Alza Accepts Bitcoin For Payments, Could Add Altcoins

Major European retailer Alza has begun accepting Bitcoin and installing Bitcoin ATMs in its outlets in Prague and Bratislava. Alza is facilitating Bitcoin payments online throughout its international network, which also includes Austria, Germany and the UK. The implementation occurred with the help of merchant payment gateway BitcoinPay and may also see the company accept altcoins such as Ethereum or Litecoin. Jan Sadílek, Alza’s head of internet marketing, said:

“Prague is already one of Bitcoin's most important centers in Europe today. By introducing trading in bitcoins, we are supporting the growing popularity of this form of payment and the potential of new technology."

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Ethereum-Based Aragon Raises $25 Million Under 15 Minutes in Record ICO

Ethereum-based enterprise management platform Aragon's crowdfunding efforts gathered roughly $25 million in just under 15 minutes. The token sale saw participation from 2,403 buyers around the world. As a decentralized management platform, Aragon offers basic company management features such as governance, payroll, accounting, cap table management, fundraising and more.

Aragon co-founder and project lead Luis Cuende stated:

"We now have the resources to hire the best talent and execute one of the most ambitious projects, one which has the potential to create a more equal and fair society."

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State of the Crypto

Bitcoin is up 5.06 % at $ 1,912.61 with a volume of Ƀ 85k - $ 162k on the USD pairs.
Litecoin is up 6.77 % against the dollar for the day at $ 27.11 and up 2.15 % to Ƀ 0.01427 on volumes of Ƀ 29.8k.
Ether is up 10.78 % against Bitcoin at Ƀ 0.05695 per Ether and up 16.44 % against the dollar to $ 109.05 with average volume Ƀ 67.7k on the ETH/BTC pair.
Dash is up 0.71 % at Ƀ 0.04656 with Ƀ 5,994.43 volume and up 4.46 % against the dollar at $ 86.39.
Ripple is down -4.91 % to Ƀ 0.0001781 with volumes of Ƀ 55.6k and up 0.88 % against the dollar at $ 0.3428.
Zcash is up 4.83 % for the day to Ƀ 0.05341 per ZEC and up 7.75 % against the dollar to $ 102.23 with an average volume of Ƀ 2.3k for the 24 hour period.
Monero is up 7.09 % against the dollar at $ 30.53 and up 5.84 % against Bitcoin at Ƀ 0.01614 on volumes of Ƀ 7.1k.
Ether Classic is up 2.27 % to Ƀ 0.003605 with volumes of Ƀ 9.8k and up 5.5 % against the dollar at $ 6.9.
Waves is up 2.82 % to Ƀ 0.0007557 on Ƀ 341 volume.


Market risers
1 ANT* +69.23%
2 XID +67.47%
3 NLX +48.00%
4 INSUR +47.62%
5 RNT +45.20%
Market losers
1 BTF -54.56%
2 WFEE -33.86%
3 UTT -33.33%
4 SKY -26.49%
5 ANI -26.21%
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