Market Analysis Report

21 February 2019

MVIS-CryptoCompare Index

The MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 10 Index closed at 2,240.11 yesterday at 5 pm (GMT) and has since dropped 0.49%.

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Market Update

At the time of writing, the Bitcoin price is sitting at $3,966 representing a gain of 0.31% in the last 24 hours. More than $220M worth of BTC were exchanged in the BTC/USD market representing a 13% share of the global daily volume. The BTC/JPY pair represents an 8% share.

The Ethereum price has increased 1.2% over the past 24 hours and is currently sitting at $147, with over $110M worth of Ether exchanged in the past 24 hours on the ETH/USD pair which has a 8% market share of the daily trading volume.

See live charts here and here

Gladius Tattles on Itself Before SEC Brings Down the Hammer

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) acknowledged a settlement with Gladius Network LLC today. Gladius raised almost $13 million in an ICO at the height of the crypto boom, from October to December 2017. The company tattled on itself last August, self-reporting potential violations to the SEC. As a result, the regulator has been gracious enough to opt not to impose additional financial penalties on Gladius. The catch? Gladius has to offer refunds on all ICO tokens. The SEC order reads:

“The Commission is not imposing a penalty because of the significant steps Gladius took to remediate the violation. Gladius, which was evaluating the applicability of the federal securities laws to its ICO,self-reported to staff in the Commission’s Division of Enforcement in the summer of 2018, and informed Commission staff that it wanted to do what was necessary to take prompt remedial steps. It cooperated with the staff’s investigation, providing information quickly and in a form useful to the staff.”

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Samsung Confirms Galaxy S10 Will Include Private Crypto Key Storage

Samsung’s latest flagship phone will include a dedicated secure storage function designed for cryptocurrency private keys. The Galaxy S10, formally unveiled yesterday, includes a new function targeted toward cryptocurrency users in the form of the Samsung Knox. In a press release, Samsung explained:

“Galaxy S10 is built with defense-grade Samsung Knox, as well as secure storage backed by hardware, which houses your private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services.”

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Spanish Mining Startup to Return $68 Million Raised During ICO

Spanish cryptocurrency mining startup CryptoSolarTech will return the $68 million raised during its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Yesterday, a screenshot of an official letter sent to investors was posted on Twitter by Spanish IT lawyer Sergio Carrasco. CryptoSolarTech apparently aimed to build a crypto mining facility powered by solar energy in Southern Spain but failed to get a building permit. Citing reasons beyond their control, the founders of the project promised to return funds within 60 days. The startup also claimed that it is not responsible for any of the tokens purchased after Feb. 19.

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State of the Crypto

Bitcoin is up 0.31% at $3,966.670 with a volume of Ƀ57.4k - $227.6M on the USD pairs.

Ether is up 1.01% against Bitcoin at Ƀ0.037 per Ether and up 1.2% against the dollar to $147.3 with average volume Ƀ99.7k on the ETH/BTC pair.

Litecoin is up 1.89% against the dollar for the day at $49.51 and up 1.38% to Ƀ0.01245 on volumes of Ƀ59.5k.

EOS is up 3.89% to Ƀ0.0009596 on Ƀ51.4k volume.

Ripple is down 0.63% to Ƀ0.00008231 with volumes of Ƀ27.9k and down 0.24% against the dollar at $0.328.

Bitcoin Cash is down 1.24% to Ƀ0.03587 with volumes of Ƀ13.5k and down 0.8% against the dollar at $142.55.

Zcash is down 0.58% for the day to Ƀ0.01365 per ZEC and down 0.22% against the dollar to $54.79 with an average volume of Ƀ10.0k for the 24 hour period.

Dash is up 0.6% at Ƀ0.02164 with Ƀ9.4k volume and up 1.13% against the dollar at $86.57.

Ether Classic is down 0.35% to Ƀ0.001146 with volumes of Ƀ8.5k and down 0% against the dollar at $4.59.

Neo is down 0.58% for the day to Ƀ0.002232 per NEO and down 0.88% against the dollar to $9.01 with an average volume of Ƀ7.6k for the 24 hour period.

Tron is down 0.32% to Ƀ0.00000628 on Ƀ6.3k volume.

Stellar is down 0.7% to Ƀ0.00002285 on Ƀ4.5k volume.

Waves is down 0.68% to Ƀ0.0006991 on Ƀ2.7k volume.

Cardano is down 0.25% to Ƀ0.00001178 on Ƀ1.9k volume.

Monero is up 0.25% against the dollar at $51.32 and down 0.08% against Bitcoin at Ƀ0.01283 on volumes of Ƀ1.6k.

Stratis is up 5.66% to Ƀ0.0002408 on Ƀ813.516 volume.

NEM is up 2.3% to Ƀ0.00001113 on Ƀ523.987 volume.

Iota is down 0.21% to Ƀ0.00007769 on Ƀ433.159 volume.

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