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EchoLink : Verified Education Info and General Notary Service on Blockchain

The modern recruiting process is subject to a range of different flaws, most of which relate to one central problem - the lack of access to accurate information. Employers and hiring managers need to know as much as possible about job applicants, including not just their formal credentials and past employers, but also subtler skills and personality traits. Yet employees are often not willing to divulge this information, and even those who would be willing may not know that employers want it. Businesses can get around this problem by hiring professional recruiters, but that adds to the cost of the process while making it take longer.

Recruiters also are not perfectly reliable, being subject to countless biases and perverse incentives. EchoLink eliminates these problems by providing a secure database with all the information that employers might need for recruitment.

What is EchoLink

EchoLink is a blockchain based system that provides verified education, skill, and work experience information. Leveraging the blockchain technology, immutability and time stamp functionality, EchoLink provides users with trusted information regarding a job candidate's education, skill, and work experience. EchoLink provides savings to recruiters in time and financial resources. The EchoLink system can also be used for additional industries, such as banking, finance or general notary service. The company's objective is to build a high-trust economy through innovations in blockchain technology.

How it works

EchoLink is designed to eliminate the problems inherent in traditional recruiting. By creating an immutable list of records on workers taken from a wide variety of different sources, it helps employers and hiring managers quickly obtain accurate information on all aspects of an applicant. This speeds up the hiring process and minimizes the chance that an employee will be selected without undergoing full vetting. To keep this information abundant and accurate, EchoLink takes advantage of:

  • Blockchain Technology - The cornerstone of the EchoLink system, blockchain technology is a method of tying multiple pieces of information to each other in such a way that when one datum changes, all the other data change with it. This makes it effectively impossible for employees to alter any background or credential information entered about them. In this way, EchoLink cuts down on false or misleading employee claims.
    Identity Mapping- Besides preventing employees from editing existing information, EchoLink stops the unauthorized addition of new information. By using advanced identity mapping, the platform determines exactly who is adding to it at any given time. This prevents anyone from contributing information under false pretences.

  • Verified Off-Chain Data Sources - To assemble as much information as possible, EchoLink establishes links to other verified off chain data sources across the globe. Through self-enforcing or "smart" contracts, it automatically uploads new information on each applicant from these databases as soon as possible. This allows employers and hiring managers to consider the full person who is applying, and it makes it harder for employees to hide the context behind their purported skills and experiences.

  • Dynamic Browsing - With such a large and growing volume of data, EchoLink risks overwhelming its users with information. To keep this risk to a minimum, it has adopted dynamic browsing, which lets employers and hiring managers to retrieve the specific information they need on each applicant.

Through these and other steps, EchoLink has the potential to not only improve the accuracy of the vetting process but also to speed it up. It makes vast bodies of specific information available upon request, allowing employers and hiring managers to quickly get the data they need and begin studying it. As a result, businesses will have more time to think critically about each potential hire, raising recruitment quality on multiple fronts.

The EchoLink symbol is (EKO), and is currently trading on Huobi and HitBTC.

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