AITrading: How A.I is Changing Wealth Management

25 May 2018

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For better or for worse, technology is shaping the world we live in today, being so present in our lives that for the most part, we don’t even notice it. The same happens with A.I. Although the concept seems like something you would find in a science fiction novel, A.I. is already being used in multiple fields and being experimented with in many others.

The financial market is one sphere in which technology dominates. A.I is leveraged by the biggest companies in the space, like wealth managers, traders, trading consultants, banks, brokers and leading exchanges, giving them an abysmal advantage when compared to the average independent trader or casual investor, who for the most part don’t have access to this type of technology.

This is where AITrading comes in. AITrading is a blockchain and A.I based project that aims to “make wealth management accessible to everyone”, bringing this novel concept of A.I.-based trading to the masses, and allowing for wealth to be distributed in a more democratic manner.

What is AITrading and how does it work?

So what exactly is AITrading? AITrading is an ecosystem comprised of 4 basic service components:

  • AI-based analytics for trading and wealth management
  • Marketplace and community platform
  • Modern and intuitive interface
  • Convenient infrastructure for trading via brokers

Together, these components allow for unexperienced and not-tech-savvy users to create and execute a trading strategy in an intuitive manner, setting the relevant parameters like how to hedge risks, etc. Not only that, but A.I-based technology also allows the automatic discovery of new successful strategies that are then available to the whole trading community.

The social/community aspect of the ecosystem not only allows users to leverage A.I but also to leverage each others’ knowledge and experience through sharing and following the trading ideas or strategies of successful traders or providers of concomitant services. Although not new, this concept of “copy-trading” is revolutionizing the way average people manage their savings.

All of these strategies and tools can be applied directly within the AITrading platform which gives users access to the exchanges, analytics and the community aspect through a single app with an intuitive user interface.

What about the Blockchain side of things?

Although the use of A.I is what sets AITrading apart from previous projects, the use of blockchain technology will allow for several features that could not be accomplished otherwise.

Besides allowing for the trading of cryptocurrencies themselves, AITrading leverages blockchain technology to ensure all user interactions are performed through the use of trustless smart contract and concluded on a public and auditable blockchain, Ethereum. Not only that, but ledger for trading orders and operations will also be based on blockchain technology, making the platform a lot more transparent. Additionally, each “user account” will have a built-in wallet for making settlements using internal cryptocurrency.

The AITT Token and ICO

The AITrading ecosystem further leverages the Ethereum blockchain to issue its own ERC-20 token, the AITT token. This token will serve as a subscription mechanism for the informational and analytical service of AITrading ecosystem as well as the payment method for all purchases of 3rd party provider services.

In order to fund the development of the ecosystem and ensure a fair token distribution mechanism, AITrading will host a crowdfunding campaign in which 79% of the AITT token supply will be sold to early project backers. The ICO will start on the 3rd of June and will last until the 28th of August or until the €47 Million cap is reached.

To learn more about AITrading, please visit the official website and read the white paper.

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