Ariva Receives a Significant Boost With the Listing of ARV on

08 Oct 2021

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Ariva, the next-generation tourism & travel blockchain hub, has made a huge splash with its token listing on In addition, the popular crypto exchange has announced that it will be listing ARV/USDT trading pairs on October 8th 2021.

Huge Development for Ariva

The listing is a significant one for Ariva and continues the rapid expansion that has been experienced in the past few weeks. ARV has been listed on more than eight exchanges and has witnessed increased adoption during this period. is regarded as one of the top exchanges in terms of liquidity and has a customer base of over 4 million users. In addition, ARV holders can deposit, withdraw, and exchange their tokens on the trading platform. As a result, Ariva expects the price of ARV to experience a spike as the crypto community reacts to this positive development.

ARV has a marketcap of $21 million with more than 21,000 active token holders at the time of publication. Ariva has also revealed a $10,000 reward giveaway, and interested participants will have to take part in a few activities listed here.

A Comprehensive Blockchain Hub for the Travel Industry

Ariva has been able to build an all-in-one blockchain hub aimed at decentralizing the travel and tourism industry. It has deployed an efficient and scalable blockchain architecture that caters to the needs of this fast-growing industry.

To achieve its aims, the Ariva ecosystem is divided into three distinct but interconnected products, namely Ariva.Finance, Ariva.World and Ariva.Club. Each product has features that provide a unique experience for users.

Ariva.Finance is a top-class blockchain-based payment gateway that enables merchants to accept crypto payments seamlessly. Merchants can quickly deploy the payment gateway in their websites and stores to accept ARV and other elite cryptocurrency payments.

Ariva.Finance has low transaction fees, and merchants can value their services and products more than conventional payment methods. Merchants can also use the inbuilt dashboard to view transactions and create invoices for payments.

Ariva.World is an innovative hub that connects tourists with local and global travel/tourism service providers. Users can book airline tickets, tour guides, hotel reservations and many more on Ariva.World. Businesses can also list valuable goods and artifacts on the online shop that can be sold to tourists via cryptocurrencies.

Ariva.World features a product & services management panel that allows businesses to track sales and manage their listings on the platform. Ariva.Club is the dedicated social media hub for travellers to share their experiences and connect with other travellers.

Users can create profiles and build a following by sharing their experiences travelling globally. Ariva has designed a reward system that incentivizes active members and contributors with ARV for their activities. Businesses can also advertise their products and get endorsements from users.

Exciting Times Ahead

Ariva team has already revealed its quest to embark on more partnerships and listings in the future. ARV token was recently listed on the crypto exchange Gate and Bitmart to rave reviews from the crypto community. You can learn more about Ariva by visiting the website 


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