How to accept Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies as a website?

The best way to integrate a Bitcoin payment option into your website is to use wither Coinbase or Bitpay.

There are other options but in terms of integrating the software Bitpay is probably easier.

Coinbase and Bitpay have both developed a set of plugins that you simply install and automatically integrate into your system.

Bitpay’s main selling point is that if you charge $200 dollars for an item you receive $200 dollars for an item. Coinbase is extremely user friendly for the customer – at the moment that’s the trade off.

Coinbase does take a percentage fee but if you wish to use Bitpays customer service, which has various tiers and pricings, you can also find your costs of sale being reduced from what you set.

In all though, the ability to accept Bitcoin payments into your website is a fairly quick and seamless process.

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