How to buy Bitcoin from CryptoCompare (USD & EURO accepted)

Hello, Cryptopian! Looking to buy some coins? Using our service, you can purchase Bitcoin with your credit card safely and quickly in just a few short steps. This is a service provided by our partners which will make your life much more simple. Follow our guide to learn how the process works before getting started.

Part 1: Buy Bitcoins

Step 1: Go to our main page (or click here) and on the top section click on the “Buy Now” button inside the BTC-USD graphic (or click here directly)

Step 2: Once there, type the amount you want to buy (you can write on the BTC gap or on the USD/EURO gap), your Bitcoin address (on the field below) and press “Buy Now

Step 3: Fill the gaps with your personal information. Once you finish, agree with the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and press “Continue

Step 4: A message with a 4 digit code will be send to your chosen mobile number, type the code and press “Verify

(Once accepted, you will see a check image on the “Phone” field)

Step 5: Then go to your email inbox, and use the confirmation link provided by them

(Once accepted, return to the checkout and you will see a “check” on “Email”)

Click “continue

Step 6: Now use your personal credit/debit card for this payment and click “Pay Now

Step 7: Last step is the verification ID, fill the gap with your personal information and press the “choose file” button to upload your ID (if you are going to do this step with your ID or Licence drive you will need to upload two times, front and back side)

Step 8: Once you arrive at the payment fourth step you finish your purchase! Well done! Now you can return to CryptoCompare website clicking on the “Return to Cryptocompare” button.

That’s it, simplex now will verify your transaction. It is possible that you will notice a charge in your credit card account. This is only an authorization check, automatically made in order to reserve the amount in case the payment is approved. If the payment doesn't go through (cancelled, expired or failed), this authorization check will be voided in no more than 48 hours, and you will not see the charge in your account.

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