What is AlgoLead and How Can Your Company Benefit From White Label Solutions?

30 Oct 2019

White label solutions have become an increasingly popular avenue for crypto entrepreneurs looking to create their own products. Rather than starting a project from scratch and assembling a team of developers, which can be expensive and time-consuming, white label solutions provide a fast-tracking of the process. 

Entrepreneurs looking to create a network like Ethereum or a new crypto exchange, can benefit from leveraging external resources such as those provided by AlgoLead.

What is AlgoLead?

White label solutions are simple: an entrepreneur hires the service of a company to produce their product while leveraging marketing resources to make it appear as their own. AlgoLead is one such provider, offering a suite of marketing tools and industry-leading white label solutions for crypto marketers and affiliates. 

By using AlgoLead, crypto entrepreneurs can bypass the process of having to reinvent the wheel in their project’s creation, thereby improving efficiency and cutting out waste.

Let’s face it: most crypto developers are going to run into similar pitfalls. 

White label solutions bypass the time and money sink of development while allowing an entrepreneur to immediately get into the market and begin promoting their product. 

AlgoLead allows clients to retain full control over their products while optimizing their marketing process. This equates to optimized traffic, improved acquisitions and a better return on investment. 

In addition, the process can be automated, while allowing for targeted messages to be delivered to customers at the optimal time. 

AlgoLead White Label Robot

AlgoLead’s white label robot is designed at improving customer retention while boosting the overall experience of the client. The company has highlighted how costly it is to generate new leads versus retaining existing clients. 

In the case of a crypto entrepreneur establishing a new trading platform, this means offering clients an industry-leading service that is a step above competitors. The AlgoLead White Label Robot is a unique value-add for boosting marketing and results. Clients can use the bot to trade automatically on their behalf, in addition to generating trade signals.

AlgoLead explains the benefit of their White Label Robot,

“This value-add product consistently helps our partners drive up their conversion, retention rates and client values by offering it as a unique selling point to their clients. Now you can give your customers a fully-branded algorithmic trading system that really works and it will push your customer LTV through the roof.”

In addition to client-facing services, the white label robot also offers back-end tools for improving revenue. Companies can leverage the product to view client activity levels and deposits, notify staff of new developments and monitor top performers of the service. 

AlgoLead also provides clients with expected white label solutions, such as automated trafficking and the creation of a ready-to-go website and email services. By utilizing AlgoLead’s vetted service, clients can optimize their customer leads while providing a unique and industry-topping product that will continue to deliver for users. 

Improve Your Marketing with Track-IT

In addition to the White Label Robot, AlgoLead offers clients a comprehensive marketing campaign management platform in the form of Track-IT. The set of tools gives users control over their SEO, social media and affiliations while maximizing the return on investment involved in marketing efforts. Track-IT also offers a built-in, proprietary algorithm to automate and optimizing marketing campaigns, thereby improving the cost-efficiency and effectiveness of advertisement--a necessity for any growing business. 

The key features of AlgoLead Track-IT include managing marketing campaigns from a single, intuitive interface and real-time analytics that track every click and conversion rate. The platform also offers business intelligence, with detailed reports generated at the click of a mouse and a flexible API to connect with other applications. Auto-optimization provides clients with precision traffic targeting based upon customizable criteria. 

Ultimate Optimization through Optimize-IT

Fitting with the narrative of maximizing client acquisition while leveraging existing customers, AlgoLead has created Optimize-IT to improve the process of marketing. 

According to the company, 

“The days of sending mass, generic emails or SMS is so last decade and with the overload of emails that people receive daily, your messages need to be tailored and delivered at the optimal times to get the results you want.”

Optimize-IT provides clients with proven tools for traffic optimization and customer retention that are aimed at boosting results and improving conversions. The service collects and stores user data, including location, device, platform, and browser. From this data, the set of tools is able to build custom funnels and automated messages that are targeted and optimized for the customer. 


White label solutions provide massive leverage to crypto entrepreneurs looking to create a new product or exchange or build upon their existing service. With AlgoLead, crypto outlets can take their business to the next level, optimizing their marketing and client acquisition, while improving upon the experience through the use of automated tools such as the White Label Robot and the suite of IT benefits.


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