What is ChainRift? A Guide to the New Crypto Exchange

10 Apr 2019

ChainRift is what the marketplace for the future of currencies should look and feel like. It’s slick, modern and easy-to-use. The exchange is committed to vetting the assets they offer for trading, hosting only high-quality assets with “technical innovation, network security, use case, and compliance”. The new and exciting Mimblewimble assets, Beam and Grin, were both listed on the exchange within the first week of their launch, for example.

Due to ChainRift’s unique presence and outreach in the cryptocurrency scene, they are often able to reward their users in innovative ways. For example, ChainRift  works with market makers to airdrop new tokens to all of their verified users. They are also giving away secure hardware wallets to their top customers for safely storing their cryptocurrencies.

In addition, ChainRift has introduced a referral program that might be the most generous in the industry.

Should you run into any kind of trouble, the exchange has “human-friendly” technical support (i.e., not chat bots) to help, and who respond within 24 hours. They have received rave reviews from their users so far.

ChainRift emphasizes that their exchange is fully compliant with regulations - in this case, US regulations. Not stopping here, however, the exchange is dedicated to “proactively engaging the regulatory bodies” in order to push forward more rational and enlightened crypto regulations in the future.

If nothing else, this means that if you trade assets on ChainRift, you can be pretty sure that they won’t suddenly become securities, or otherwise racked with regulatory scrutiny.

ChainRift is just getting started, but all the ingredients are there for a really successful exchange. The team has an active research department, turning out pieces on the regular. The interface is truly beautiful and fast, and the implementation seems to work well.

Important links

ChainRift: https://www.chainrift.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/chainrift

Telegram: https://t.me/chainrift


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