Antminer X3 ASIC

The AntMiner X3 is a CryptoNight ASIC miner from Bitmain. With 220KH/s for $1255, with this machine, you can earn more than 120 $ per day under this conditions. You can also mine Monero through a cloud mining contract with Hashflare or Genesis Mining.

Shipping: August 21-31


1. Hashing algorithm: CryptoNight
    Power consumption: 500W
    Hashrate: 220KH/s

Specifications and other information of the Antminer X3 are as mentioned below.

2. There are financial risks associated with mining cryptocurrencies. These risks can be related to changes in exchange rate of the cryptocurrency or to changes in the algorithm that is used to mine the cryptocurrency. Please deliberate well before making a purchase because we will not accept any requests for refund for orders of this batch. 

3. Please select the correct address for shipping before you submit your order because, for this batch, the shipping address cannot be changed after the order has been submitted.

4. One major cryptocurrency which is using CryptoNight hash function is about to change their PoW algorithm, and according to their public statement, it is purposely to brick ASIC mining rigs including X3. When you buying it, you are betting that they are wrong.

5. The shipping for this batch will start on a first-paid-first-ship basis for orders that Bitmain has received full payment for. We advise you to research and prepare in advance for the customs' clearance in your country to avoid delays or unexpected costs.

6. You will need an ATX PSU with at least 10 six-pin PCIe connectors. There are 3 six-pin PCIe connectors on each hashing board and all three need to be connected to the PSU for the hashing board to operate. Do not connect more than one PSU to the same hashing board. Bitmain recommends the APW7 to power the X3.

7. The power cord is not included, please find one with at least 10A from your local market. Separate power supply to control board: there is one additional six-pin PCIe connector on the IO board which must be connected to the PSU to get power. Be sure to power on the miner only after all the 10 PCIe connectors are connected to a power supply.

Parameters of Antminer X3:

  • Parameters: Value
  • Product model: X3
  • Total quantity of hash chips: 180 pcs
  • Total quantity of hash boards: 3 pcs
  • Total hash rate: 220 kH/s
  • DC voltage input: 11.60~13.00 V
  • DC current input @12V DC: 38.8 A +7%
  • DC Power @12V DC input: 465 W +7%
  • 220VAC Power @25℃ ,93% conversion efficiency of APW3: 500 W +7%
  • 220VAC Power efficiency @25℃,93% conversion efficiency of APW3: 2.27 J/kH +7%
  • Weight(without package): 5.5 kg
  • Operation temperature: 0-40 ℃
  • Storage temperature: -40-85 ℃
  • Operation humidity: 5%RH-95%RH, prevent condensation"
  • Noise: 76 dB
  • Networking connection mode: Ethernet Cable
  • Power connection mode: All three PCI-E ports are required to power the board. You can use one PSU to power multiple boards, but do not attempt to power one board with two PSUs.We suggest to prevent the control board to be powered up before hash boards be powered up.
  • Size(Length*Width*Hight,without package): 334mm*125mm*207mm

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