How to install and use the PandaPool miner

The PandaPool miner is an easy-to-use multi-cryptocurrency GUI, using the servers from PandaPool located in Europe. Users can mine BTG, ZEC, HUSH, MUSIC, KMD, BCN, SUMO, ZCL, ELLA, SIB, XMR, GBS and more. The pool runs on both PPLNS and PPS payment systems and there is a 1.5% fixed fee.

In this step-by-step guide, we are going to install and set up the Panda GUI to mine Electroneum (using a low-end hardware).

Part 1: Create an account on PandaPool

 Step 1: Go to PandaPool website (or click here) and press “Start Mining!” (or click here)

Step 2: Fill the gaps with your email and password and press “Register”

Part 2: Download and install the PandaPool miner

 Step 1: Return to PandaPool website, scroll down until you see Cryptocurrency GUI miner section and press “Download” (or click here)

 Step 2: Once the download is complete double click on .exe file and press “Next”

 Step 3: Choose the destination file and press “Next”

 Step 4: Choose the start menu folder for the shortcut and press “Next”

Step 5: Then click “Next” again to create a desktop shortcut

Step 6: Lastly press “Install”

 Step 7: Once the installation is finished press the “Finish” button

Part 3: Set up the miner

 Step 1: Open the GUI application, and here you have 2 tabs, (this miner can work in 2 modes) In a simple mode everything works automatically (lite), and in a professional you will get more settings (professional version). For this guide we are going to use the lite version, so simply choose a coin, fill the email gap with the same email you had used to create the account on PandaPool and press “Start Mining” 

That's it, now that you are mining you will be able to see your hash speed as the image below

Part 4: Controle your funds

Step 1: Return to PandaPool website ( and press “Start mining”

 Step 2: On “Dashboard” tab, scroll down until you see the coin you are mining, there is all the information you will need about your mining progress

To transfer your funds to an external wallet you only need to go to the “Payments” tab and follow the steps provided by the PandaPool miner.

You can follow this guide switching the currency you want to mine (Part 3, Step 1) to mine all the available coins.

For more information please visit the official website

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