How to Mine Cryptocurrencies with BetterHash

28 Nov 2017

BetterHash is a cryptocurrency miner that takes care of everything: selecting the best-performing coins, switching between algorithms and even creating a wallet in case you don’t have one. In short, BetterHash is a good tool for entrant users. 

Note: You can also benchmark your PC after installation and see an estimation of its earning capabilities following this step-by-step guide.

Part 1: Create an account on BetterHash

Step 1: Go to the BetterHash website (or click here) and, on the upper right corner, click on the “LOG IN” button (or click here)

Step 2: Now, fill in the gaps with your email, choose a password and click on “Get Started

Part 2: Download and install BetterHash

Step 1: Still on the BetterHash website, in the upper right corner click on the “Download” button (or click here to download directly from this page)

Step 2: Once the download is complete double click on it and follow the installer setup

Step 3: The program will then start. Press “Next” to download the miners

Step 4: When all the files are successfully downloaded press “Next” again

Step 5: An automatic benchmark will start, BetterHash will automatically go through all enabled algorithm/miner combinations and record their speeds, wait until it finishes, then press “Yes

(Some miners can be incompatible with your rig. For example, in our case, we can only use the Cryptonight and the EWBF miners because for the Equihash miner only CUDA devices with SM 5.0 and higher are supported and for the claymore ethereum miner, it is no longer possible to mine with 2gb cards)

Part 3: Set up the miner

Step 1: Now we will add the account we did before, clicking on the “payment” tab on the left sidebar and then on the “Change ID” button

Step 2: Fill the gaps with your email and password and press “Apply

Step 3: Once you have connected your account click on “General” tab on the left sidebar

Here, you will uncheck what you want to uncheck as everything checked, by default. The image below shows what we uncheck

Step 4: If you didn’t uncheck the “autostart” you are already mining, if not, click on the “Home” tab and then on the “Start” button

Part 4: Controle your funds

Step 1: Return to the page where you created your account on the first part of this guide, or go to Setting > Payment and press  “open your online wallet

Step 2: A window will pop up. That is your web wallet from BetterHash, in “my account” you are able to see your balance

Step 3: Then, click on the “Transfers” tab. Here, you can send your funds to others wallets. To do so, type the address in the correspondent coin and click “Send

That’s it, Betterhash interface is super simple to use, making your life easier by cutting some steps. Enjoy it!


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