How to set up a Desire (DSR) MasterNode

03 Dec 2017

Hello Cryptopians! today we want to teach you how you can set up your own masternode with Devine, a new alternative cryptocurrency. A Masternode is a special special node that provides premium services like private and near-instante transactions in a blockchain network. Masternodes get to keep part of the block reward without the need to provide large amounts of hashing power. 

To setup masternode server you will need 100 Desire (DSR) coins at the momet.

You can buy DSR on these exchanges


You can get latest Desire wallet from github or desire website

Send 1000 DSR to your address and wait for 15 network confirmations.

Open Tools > Debug Console

In Console type:
masternode genkey

Save result, this is your masternode private key for the first address of your wallet.

Open up Tools > Open Wallet Configuration File. (With notepad or any other text editor, Notepad++ or Atom)

paste following in configuration file:

Save File.

Restart wallet

open Tools > Debug Console

In the Console enter:
masternode start

Masternode successfully started!...

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