Sesterce Mining- How to buy a Mining Contract

26 Mar 2019

Part 1 - What is Sesterce Mining?

If you are looking for a much simpler, cheaper and more flexible mining solution than mining rigs, cloud mining is for you. Sesterce Cloud Mining (previously known as Bitech Cloud Mining) is a company that is committed to offering users the most advantageous cloud mining contracts on the market. The company explains that it is able to get such low prices thanks to very advantageous electrical agreements, but also thanks to Sesterce Mining (previously known as Bitech Mining) and their expertise in mining machines - allowing the company to stock machines at the best prices.

So the headache of maintaining your machine, the noise and heat management is over. The solution is hyper-optimized and can be used in 5 clicks with the expertise of the Sesterce group at the most competitive prices in the world.

Sesterce is a European group expert in cryptocurrency mining and among the leaders in the french mining market. Over time, the Sesterce group has proven their expertise in mining with Sesterce Mining ( and nowadays they have on offer one of the widest and most profitable range of miners in the world. They also supported major farm projects around the world.

Part 2 - How to purchase a Mining Contract

Step 1 -  First go to the homepage of Sesterce Cloud Mining here.

Step 2: Click on the Start Mining button and choose your contract among the different cryptocurrencies and the desired duration. Sesterce Cloud Mining also offer customized contracts.

Step 3: Once your basket is validated you can checkout

Step 4: Add your billing information and choose your payment gateway (Here CoinPayments for crypto payments)

Step 5: Follow the payment information on the payment gateway

Step 6: Go to your customer area to see your contract in place

Step 7: In your customer area, select the setting menu on the left select wallets and add your wallets to receive your crypto-currencies

Step 8: After that, you can take advantage of your new contracts and follow all the operations and statistics from your dashboard!
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