Minerall Pool Website

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  • Server Locations China,Europe,U.S.A,America,Asia
  • Average Fee 2%
Merged mining coins


Minerall is a multi-cryptocurrency mining pool using Digital Ocean’s Cloud Solution that automatically chooses the closest node to the miner, where users can mine ETH, ETC, XVG, and ZEC. The pool runs on PPLNS payment system and there is a 2% fixed fee for all currencies.

Minerall is divided into 4 categories:

Ethereum (ETH) - https://minerall.io/ethereum

Ethereum-Classic (ETC) - https://minerall.io/ethereum-classic

Verge (XVG) - https://minerall.io/verge-blake2s

Z-Cash (ZEC) - https://minerall.io/zcash

The servers for Minerall are:


  • pool.minerall.io:3401


  • pool.minerall.io:3404


  • pool.minerall.io:4101


  • pool.minerall.io:3304
Mining pool minimum payout

0.05 ETH 10 XVG 0.06 ETC 0.1 ZEC

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