XeMiner Pool Pool Website

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  • Server Locations Asia,Europe,U.S.A
  • Average Fee 0.5

XeMiner is a mining pool where users can mine ETH There is a 0.5% fee for PPS.

The servers for XeMiner are:

Asian (Singapore)

stratum+tcp://eth-sg.xeminer.net:8008 - Big Rigs/Farm (300MH/s+)

stratum+tcp://eth-sg.xeminer.net:8009 - Standard Miners (100MH/s+)

stratum+tcp://eth-sg.xeminer.net:9009 - Small Miners (10-100MH/s)

http://eth.xeminer.net:8888 - GetWork

Asian (Japan)

stratum+tcp://eth-jp.xeminer.net:8008 - Big Rigs/Farm (300MH/s+)

stratum+tcp://eth-jp.xeminer.net:8009 - Standard Miners (100MH/s+)

stratum+tcp://eth-jp.xeminer.net:9009 - Small Miners (10-100MH/s)

http://eth-jp.xeminer.net:8888 - GetWork


stratum+tcp://eu-eth.xeminer.net:8008 - Multiple Rigs/Farm (300MH/s+)

stratum+tcp://eu-eth.xeminer.net:8009 - Standard Miners (100MH/s+)

stratum+tcp://eu-eth.xeminer.net:9009 - Small Miners (10-100MH/s)

http://eu-eth.xeminer.net:8888 - GetWork

United States

stratum+tcp://us-eth.xeminer.net:8008 - Multiple Rigs/Farm (300MH/s+)

stratum+tcp://us-eth.xeminer.net:8009 - Standard Miners (100MH/s+)

stratum+tcp://us-eth.xeminer.net:9009 - Small Miners (10-100MH/s)

http://us-eth.xeminer.net:8888 - GetWork

Mining pool minimum payout

0.01 ETH

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