Get Started With Savl Wallet & KYT Address Verification Checks

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Savl is a multifunctional self-custodial crypto wallet and Web3 gateway and a single secure entry point for buying, sending, receiving, swapping, and storing over 250 leading cryptocurrencies and tokens.

With its highly intuitive, user-centric, streamlined interface and best-in-class security and recovery features, Savl is easy to use and the self-custodial wallet you can trust.

We're also the only wallet to provide KYT address verification checks, a new and essential tool to help keep your crypto assets and reputation safe.

Our KYT checks quickly provide transactional risk scores so you can verify that a third party's assets are not from nefarious activities to avoid wallet infection, blacklisting, and other potential consequences.

With Savl, you can do more: buy crypto with your debit or credit card, seamlessly swap crypto with limitless pairing options, explore and view NFTs, get staking rewards, view the latest crypto and DeFi news, and securely chat with friends.

In this guide, we will show you how to:

1. Download & install Savl for iOS & Android

2. Initialize your wallet & recovery phrase

3. Easily buy crypto with a debit or credit card

4. Run a KYT address verification check

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