How to send Bitcoin through Twitter

24 Nov 2016

Today we want to teach you how to make a Bitcoin payment through twitter. Some times Bitcoin can be a bit like religion: once you find out about it, you'll want to convert everyone around you to it! What easier way then to send them some BTC to play with via twitter? Or maybe you want to send an original Christmas present (It's almost that time of the year!) In either case, iPayYou allows you to easily send Bitcoin via Twitter and email!

The first thing you'll need is an account with iPayYou

Part 1 - Create an Account with iPayYou

The first thing you'll need is an account with iPayYou, so let's create one

Step 1: Click here to go to iPayYou
Step 2: Click "Login/Create Free Account"


Step 3: Then click "Register" (1), enter your personal details (2) and click "Create account(3)

Step 4: Enter you phone number (1) and press "Submit Number" (2). This will allows iPayYou to protect your account with 2 factor authentication. You will receive an SMS to confirm that this is indeed your cellphone.

Step 5: Enter the code you've received (1) and click "Submit code(2)


You are now logged in. Don't forget to confirm your registration through the confirmation email sent

Part 2 - Fund your iPayYou account

Now that you're logged in, you'll have to fund your account. You can buy Bitcoin directly with iPayYou, but we're going to send Bitcoin that we have previously bought from an exchange

Step 1: Click "Wallet

Step 2: Now click "Recieve Bitcoin"

Step 3: Enter the USD value you want to fund your account with (1), then send the BTC value shown (2) to the Bitcoin address (3).

Wait a moment for the transaction to confirm, then move to Part 3

Part 3 - Send to Twitter

Step 1: While still in the wallet section, click "Send Payment"

Step 2: Click "Create a new payee" to add a contact to your list

Step 3: Enter the payee twitter handle (1), the payee name (2) then click "Continue(3)

Step 4: Enter the amount to send (1) then click "Continue(2)

Step 5: You can now enter an optional message to the payee then click "Send now"

And that's it! After clicking "Send now" you'll be taken to the transaction history. You have the possibility to Cancel the transaction if you believe you have made a mistake, as so:

Notice that in Step 3 you can also enter an email address, which will lead to the receiver getting an email to withdraw the Bitcoin sent. On this guide, however, we'll only cover twitter

Part 4 - Receiving

The destination Twitter will now recieve a notification saying "you just received a #bitcoin payment" as so:

All the use needs to do is to click the link shown on Twitter and he'll be taken to this page:

Now all he needs to do is click "Recieve Your Payment Here"

He'll be taken to the registration page where he can now create an account (like in Part 1) and claim the Bitcoin sent. Easy as pie (and it even tastes better)!


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