How to use the NEM Nano Wallet

25 May 2017

NEM, which stands for New Economy Movement, is cryptocurrency platform written from scratch in Java and JavaScript that features a proof-of-importance (POI) algorithm, the first reputation based blockchain algorithm. Additional features include P2P secure and encrypted messaging system, multi-signature accounts and an Eigentrust++ reputation system.

NEM has recently experienced an amazing surge in price that has placed in the top market capitalization in crypto. However, it is still hard to buy the NEM (XEM) token especially since it is not available in any popular fiat-enabled exchange yet.

Today, we’re going to teach you how to use the NEM wallet to store and use your XEM tokens. You can also check the "services" tab for additional tools like Multisignature and multi-user accounts, a built-in Changelly exchange and Namespaces and Subdomains.

Part 1 - Download and install the wallet

Step 1: Click here to go to the NEM wallet download page
Step 2: Click “Download the Nano Wallet

Step 3: Click “Download

Step 4: Click “Direct Download

Step 5: Click "No thanks, continue to download"

Step 6: Extract the .zip file

Part 2 - Create a wallet

Step 1: In the extracted folder, click “Start.html” which will open the wallet in a browser window

Step 2: Click “Sign up

Step 3: Enter your preferred username

Step 4: Enter the password and confirm it

Step 5: Click “Create Wallet

Step 6: a wallet file with the same name you chose for the wallet will be downloaded which can be used to backup your wallet. You’ll also need your private key, so click “Show private key

Step 7: Save your private key on a file or piece of paper
Step 8: Confirm that you have downloaded the .wlt file, private key and password

Step 9: Click “I agree

Part 3 - Login and Receive XEM

Step 1: Now, we’re going to log in, choose which wallet to use

Step 2: Enter your password

Step 3: Click “Sign in

Step 4: To receive payment, click “Account

Step 5: And have XEM sent to the address shown. You can give a message as well to identify payments.


Once the transaction arrives, you’ll see it on the dashboard


Part 4 - Send XEM

Step 1: Click “Send


Step 2: Enter the address or alias you’re sending to


Step 3: Enter the amount

Step 4: Enter your password

Step 5: You may need to enter a message if you’re sending to an exchange for example

Step 6: Click “Send


If the transaction is successful, you’ll see the following message:


That's it! You can also check the "services" tab for additional tools like Multisignature and multi-user accounts, a built-in Changelly exchange and Namespaces and Subdomains.



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