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The Wirex Visa Card allows its users to seamlessly convert and spend their traditional and cryptocurrency, anywhere Visa is accepted. Once verified, users can manage and spend 18 fiat and cryptocurrencies in-app and online, using secure, cold-storage accounts and the Wirex Visa card. The card can be topped up by bank transfer, credit or debit card, or using existing tokens. It is available in GBP, EUR and USD. The card can be frozen and defrosted from within the app if lost and there are no fees for inactivity. The Wirex card earns Cryptoback™ - 0.5% in Bitcoin for every in-store spend by swipe, chip & pin or tap & go. These rewards can be redeemed at any time, with no limits on how much you earn or what you do with it. The Wirex Euro card has a €1.20 monthly fee, and is currently free to order (including delivery). In-app notifications allow users to keep track of their spending. There is no maximum account balance* and a card activity limit of €8,000.

With the launch of Wirex 3.0, Wirex completely redesigned the look and feel of its card.

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