$ 0.2893
1 min ago
Market cap.
$ 28.93 B
Vol 24h
XRP 27,033,456.6 ($ 7,840,421.1)
Low/High 24h
$ 0.2861 - $ 0.2960
Open 24h
$ 0.2906
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Ripple positions itself as a complement to, rather than a competitor with, Bitcoin - the site has a page dedicated to Ripple for bitcoiners. Ripple is a distributed network which means transactions occur immediately across the network - and as it is peer to peer - the network is resilient to systemic risk. Ripples aren't mined - unlike bitcoin and its peers - but each transaction destroys a small amount of XRP which adds a deflationary measure into the system. There were 100 billion XRP tokens upon the launching, currently, there are near to 99,991,857,757.53 in circulation due to the decreasing tokens policy from Ripple.

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