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Cryptocurrency exchanges have evolved throughout the years, to the point it’s now relatively easy to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. These on-ramps, however, have a major problem and that’s trust.

Mining Bitcoin has become increasingly popular over the years as the price of Bitcoin has skyrocketed from its humble beginnings. At first thought, Bitcoin mining might sound like a good strategy for acquiring passive income. However, many factors co…

The rise of decentralized applications has been notable. One of the very first use cases of decentralized applications were gambling dApps. These let players gamble on specific games based on blockchain randomizers.

Leading the charge for the next generation of fintech innovators is GoldFinX, a breakthrough platform focused on addressing a gaping need in a market that has remained underserved while breaking down barriers to entry for smaller investors.

eToro’s copy trading features allow new traders to at the very least allocate a portion of their portfolio to copy professional traders. Those who don’t feel comfortable yet may even use their entire balance to copy professional traders to learn from…

The live music sector is hitting record sales, as fans flock to see big-name artists. Live performances are now a primary source of artist revenue and ticket prices are higher than ever. But new technology is evolving to make attending live events…

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