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Raze Network, the first Polkadot-based privacy protocol, has completed its initial decentralized exchange offering and successfully distributed its native token on three community-led crowdfunding platforms.

The Ethereum-based poker platform, Virtue Poker has raised $5 million in a strategic funding round led by macro investors, including investment firms Pantera Capital and DFG Group, parent company Consensys, and Jez San from FunFair.

Wrapping up a successful private funding round, Don-Key is gearing up to introduce a platform to bring together liquidity providers and yield farmers, incentivizing participants to work together and share the benefits.

Decentralized identity is a commonly discussed trope in the blockchain space that hasn’t had much to show. However, its potential is one worth paying attention to. In a world full of identity theft, of which 14.4 million people fell victim in 2018…

Recently launched VulcanVerse a Massively Multiplayer Role-Playing Game (MMORPG) platform is exciting for not only gamers but also the blockchain & cryptocurrency community alike. PYR the native token of VulcanVerser is scheduled to be listed on top …

A new phase of the Aventus Network’s Validator registration Program is set to soon start and using it, Aventus Token (AVT) holders will be able to stake their holdings and earn from transaction fees on the cryptocurrency’s network.

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