Market Analysis Report

28 September 2017

Bitcoin Exchanges Unveil Hard Fork Contingency Plan

A group of nearly 20 exchanges has released a statement detailing their contingency plans in the event that the bitcoin network splits in two, something that the groups says "may be inevitable". In the statement, exchanges announce that they plan to list Bitcoin Unlimited (BU), an alternate implementation of the bitcoin software, as they would an alternative cryptocurrency under the BTU or XBU tickers. Other exchanges like Poloniex are said to be planning similar steps but have not signed on to this particular statement.

The statement reads:

"As exchanges, we have a responsibility to maintain orderly markets that trade continuously 24/7/365. It is incumbent upon us to support a coherent, orderly and industry-wide approach to preparing for and responding to a contentious hard fork. In the case of a bitcoin hard fork, we cannot suspend operations and wait for a winner to emerge."

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AlphaBay Will Add Etherum to its Payment Options

Following the incredible rally led by Ethereum in the last month, the popular Alphabay market, a deepweb e-commerce platform, announced that it will add Ether as a payment method. The market is currently laying out the framework to make ETH acceptance possible, and will enable Ethereum deposits and withdrawals starting May 1st, 2017.

"We are implementing Ethereum acceptance and the new currency, including deposits and withdrawals, will be fully operational on May 1st, 2017."

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Zcash Rallies After the Launch of New Non-Profit Foundation

The price of Zcash has risen about 50% after the announcement of the Zcash Foundation, reaching 0.07048 BTC. The Zcash Foundation will now be endowed with 273,000 zcash. As part of the network's rules, 10% of the cryptocurrency's mining rewards are automatically awarded to stakeholders. As such, Zcash Company CEO and project co-founder Zooko Wilcox expects to donate half of his "founders reward" to the entity.

Wilcox said:

"In the long run, it is necessary for there to be an independent, inclusive, non-profit body to steward the technology in the interests of all."

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Chinese Regulators Discuss Draft Rules With Bitcoin Exchanges

The People's Bank of China has issued a discussion paper to domestic exchanges on which it is seeking comment on the proposed requirements. The document details both a standardization of anti-money laundering (AML) policies and the establishment of a customer identification system. First-time users will need on-site certification in order to deposit funds and will then be required present identification at the time of registration. For customers doing ¥50,000 (over $7,200) in volume or more, a remote video certification will be required for identity authentication. The paper also stipulates that there must be senior management personnel responsible for AML procedures, including reporting questionable transactions.

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State of the Crypto

Bitcoin is up 1.55% at $1,023.02with a volume of Ƀ 91k - 93M on the USD pairs.

Litecoin is down 1% against the dollar for the day at $3.98 and down 2.15% to Ƀ 0.003867 on volumes of 1.7k BTC.

Ether is up 10.81% against Bitcoin at Ƀ 0.04224 per Ether and up 12.05% against the dollar to $43.04 with average volume 86k BTC on the ETH/BTC pair. 

Dash is down 1.97% at Ƀ 0.1046 with 28k BTC volume and down 0.05% against the dollar at $107.54.

Zcash is down 0.59% for the day to 0.06709 BTC per ZEC and up 2.35% against the dollar to $69.34 with average volume of 5.8k BTC for the 24 hour period.

Monero is up 5.77% against the dollar at $23.47 and up 3.74% against Bitcoin at Ƀ 0.02302 on volumes of 14.9k BTC. 

Ether Classic is up 11.95% to Ƀ 0.001921 with volumes of 3.7k BTC and up 13.95% against the dollar at $1.96.

Waves is down 0.04% Ƀ 0.0002552 on 139 BTC volume. 

PASC is down 18.10% Ƀ 0.0002122 on 222 BTC volume. 


Market risers
1 POP +100.00%
2 SMART** +55.89%
3 MAGE +48.33%
4 OTN +41.45%
5 FAIR* +40.51%
Market losers
1 REE -33.33%
2 ESC -26.73%
3 GAT -23.33%
4 WFEE -19.67%
5 PLR -18.66%
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