Market Analysis Report

17 June 2019

MVIS-CryptoCompare Index

The MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 10 Index closed at 2,778.28 yesterday at 5 pm (GMT) and has since dropped 3.34%.

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Market Update

At the time of writing, the Bitcoin price is sitting at $5,289 representing a loss of 0.51% in the last 24 hours. More than $130M worth of BTC were exchanged in the BTC/USD market representing a 7.15% share of the global daily volume. The pair with most volume was the BTC/USDT with an 83.4% share.

The Ethereum price has dropped 0.66% over the past 24 hours and is currently sitting at $170.6, with over $60M worth of Ether exchanged in the past 24 hours on the ETH/USD pair which has a 4.3% market share of the daily trading volume. The largest ETH trading pair was the ETH/USDT with a 52.6% share.

See live charts here and here

OKEx Bitcoin Derivatives Trading Volume Highest in March

Even before the April breakout of Bitcoin (BTC), derivative Bitcoin markets saw strong volume during the month of March. According to CryptoCompare’s most recent exchange review, OKEx exchange traded $1.5 billion in average daily bitcoin derivative volume.

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Japanese Exchange Zaif to Resume Activity Seven Months After Hack

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Zaif announced that the transfer of the business from Tech Bureau to Fisco Digital Asset Group (FDAG) will become effective today and that normal activity will resume on the next day, according to a report by Cointelegraph Japan.

Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Monacoin (MONA) were stolen from the exchange in a hack September last year, resulting in total losses of cryptocurrencies worth 6.7 billion yen (around $59.8 million). With the acquisition, which is a part of the user compensation plan, FDAG provided financial support of 5 billion yen (over $44.6 million) to Tech Bureau and acquired a majority of the company’s shares.

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Crypto Exchange Poloniex Adds Support for USDT on Tron Blockchain

Major cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex will support Tether’s stablecoin USDT coin on the Tron (TRX) blockchain, according to an announcement published last Friday.

Poloniex said in the announcement that its decision to support the new chain is reasoned by expanded flexibility it provides to the USDT platform. In order to support both versions, Poloniex will be converting a percentage of Tether currently on the Omni blockchain to Tether on the Tron blockchain.

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OKEx Market Maker Program Recruiting

In order to bring about fairer prices, market stability, quick exchanges and improve market efficiency. OKEx has launched its market maker program officially.

Now, OKEx is looking for professional traders to be its liquidity provider under this program who can benefit from the most competitive fee schedule in spot, margin, futures, and perpetual swap markets.

Requirements of being part of OKEx MM Program?

  • Crypto trader with total assets of >= 20 BTC or equivalent

The privilege of being part of OKEx MM Program?

  • Lower transaction fee:Market maker account can enjoy 0% maker fee and better taker fee
  • Less strict requirements for the applicant, 20btc is eligible to apply
  • Multiple asset options
  • One-On-One exclusive services

How to apply?

  • We only accept market maker applications by email. 

Join us! Applying via Email to

For more details, please refer to the official announcement here

Press Release

State of the Crypto

Bitcoin is down 0.51% at $5,289.720 with a volume of Ƀ26.1k - $137.6M on the USD pairs.

Ether is down 0.12% against Bitcoin at Ƀ0.03221 per Ether and down 0.66% against the dollar to $170.63 with average volume Ƀ100.0k on the ETH/BTC pair.

Litecoin is down 4.39% against the dollar for the day at $76.25 and down 3.87% to Ƀ0.01441 on volumes of Ƀ85.9k.

EOS is down 0.81% to Ƀ0.0009832 on Ƀ50.9k volume.

Bitcoin Cash is down 1.62% to Ƀ0.05459 with volumes of Ƀ29.6k and down 2.19% against the dollar at $289.26.

Ripple is up 1.23% to Ƀ0.00006172 with volumes of Ƀ21.5k and up 0.74% against the dollar at $0.3266.

Ether Classic is down 0.09% to Ƀ0.00111 with volumes of Ƀ11.3k and down 0.51% against the dollar at $5.89.

Tron is up 0.64% to Ƀ0.00000471 on Ƀ10.5k volume.

Dash is up 1.1% at Ƀ0.02303 with Ƀ8.2k volume and up 0.74% against the dollar at $122.28.

Zcash is down 1.01% for the day to Ƀ0.0127 per ZEC and down 1.7% against the dollar to $67.46 with an average volume of Ƀ7.0k for the 24 hour period.

Neo is up 1.74% for the day to Ƀ0.002042 per NEO and up 1.49% against the dollar to $10.88 with an average volume of Ƀ5.4k for the 24 hour period.

Monero is down 0.28% against the dollar at $68.54 and up 0.23% against Bitcoin at Ƀ0.0129 on volumes of Ƀ4.8k.

Stellar is down 0.24% to Ƀ0.00002118 on Ƀ4.7k volume.

Cardano is down 0.07% to Ƀ0.00001384 on Ƀ3.4k volume.

Waves is up 0.55% to Ƀ0.0004916 on Ƀ2.0k volume.

NEM is down 0.17% to Ƀ0.00001202 on Ƀ657.963 volume.

Iota is down 0.61% to Ƀ0.00005694 on Ƀ576.666 volume.

Stratis is down 1.73% to Ƀ0.0001987 on Ƀ244.385 volume.

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