Market Analysis Report

17 June 2019

MVIS-CryptoCompare Index

The MVIS CryptoCompare Digital Assets 10 Index closed at 2,699.70 yesterday at 5 pm (GMT) and has since risen 0.09%.

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Market Update

At the time of writing, the Bitcoin price is sitting at $5,434 representing a loss of 1.02 in the last 24 hours. More than $200M worth of BTC were exchanged in the BTC/USD market representing a 9.2% share of the global daily volume. The pair with most volume was the BTC/USDT with a 78.2% share.

The Ethereum price has dropped 1.26% over the past 24 hours and is currently sitting at $163, with over $60M worth of Ether exchanged in the past 24 hours on the ETH/USD pair which has a 4.1% market share of the daily trading volume. The largest ETH trading pair was the ETH/USDT with a 50% share.

See live charts here and here

Samsung Developing Ethereum-Based Blockchain, May Issue Own Token

Electronics giant Samsung is developing its own blockchain network and eyeing the issuance of its own token further down the road. A CoinDesk Korea report published on Tuesday, citing a person “familiar with Samsung’s internal situation,” said that the company’s blockchain task force – part of its wireless division – is building a blockchain main net based on Ethereum. The source said:

“Currently, we are thinking of private blockchain, though it is not yet confirmed. It could also be public blockchain in the future, but I think it will be hybrid – that is, a combination of public and private blockchains. The market expects Samsung Coin to come out, but the direction has not yet been decided.”

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Binance Singapore Launches But Offers Just One Trading Pair

Binance has launched a new cryptocurrency exchange in Singapore after months of anticipation. Users of the platform are only able to purchase bitcoin (BTC) using Singapore dollars (SGD,) meaning far fewer trading pairs are available for consumers compared with the company’s main exchange.

The Binance Singapore website suggests that the service is being offered in conjunction with Xfers, a local payment service that claims to offer a crypto wallet approved by Singaporean regulators. Three steps are listed for new customers: creating an account with Binance Singapore, linking their Xfers account, and beginning to buy and sell bitcoin as they wish. A spokesperson said:

“Binance is excited to bring world-class blockchain technology to Singapore and we look forward to showcasing Binance’s tier one safety and security measures to the world. BTC/SGD is the initial pair Binance Singapore is offering with the soft launch and there may be more pairs added as regulations allow.”

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TrustToken Launches AUD-Backed Stablecoin With 3 More to Follow

TrustToken has just launched a new stablecoin and says it has three more coming soon. Revealing the news yesterday, the firm said its TrueAUD token is now live and backed 1:1 by the Australian dollar. Cryptocurrency exchanges can “immediately” start listing TrueAUD, and users can purchase and redeem the stablecoin via its app at no cost, it added.

TrueAUD is based on similar legal and technical standards to its dollar-pegged sibling TrueUSD. The firm pledged it will hold collateralized funds in a third-party escrow account and provide regular attestations of the AUD backing by third-party accounting firm Cohen & Co.

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Airdrops, Ledger Giveaway and the Most Generous Referral Program in the Industry!

We at ChainRift are proud to provide the early marketplace for innovative projects before they get listed elsewhere.

Due to our unique presence and outreach in the cryptocurrency scene, we are often able to reward our users in various ways. In the past, we worked with market makers to airdrop new tokens to all our verified users. At the moment, we are giving away secure hardware wallets to our top customers.

Over the next few weeks, as we add new exciting projects, we will strive to reward you with airdrops and other perks whenever possible. To claim the perks, make sure to sign up and verify your account at ChainRift.

We are still in the early days, and we love engaging our users in our community channel on Telegram and we truly appreciate the reviews our users have left us so far.

As a token of our appreciation, we have introduced the most generous referral program in the industry! Invite your friends to trade on ChainRift and reap the rewards. Receive 50% of their trading fees for registering under your referral link.

Press Release

State of the Crypto

Bitcoin is down 1.02% at $5,434.800 with a volume of Ƀ37.1k - $201.8M on the USD pairs.

Ether is down 0.23% against Bitcoin at Ƀ0.03007 per Ether and down 1.26% against the dollar to $163.34 with average volume Ƀ100.8k on the ETH/BTC pair.

Litecoin is up 0.45% against the dollar for the day at $72.96 and up 1.51% to Ƀ0.01343 on volumes of Ƀ79.8k.

EOS is down 2.1% to Ƀ0.0008714 on Ƀ54.2k volume.

Bitcoin Cash is up 2.19% to Ƀ0.05133 with volumes of Ƀ32.8k and up 1.05% against the dollar at $279.44.

Ripple is up 0.81% to Ƀ0.00005493 with volumes of Ƀ22.2k and down 0.1% against the dollar at $0.2988.

Neo is up 4.3% for the day to Ƀ0.001893 per NEO and up 2.29% against the dollar to $10.28 with an average volume of Ƀ13.2k for the 24 hour period.

Dash is up 0.88% at Ƀ0.02168 with Ƀ10.8k volume and down 0.62% against the dollar at $117.68.

Tron is up 1.66% to Ƀ0.00000428 on Ƀ8.4k volume.

Ether Classic is up 1.57% to Ƀ0.001035 with volumes of Ƀ7.9k and up 0.36% against the dollar at $5.63.

Stellar is down 0.37% to Ƀ0.00001884 on Ƀ7.1k volume.

Zcash is up 1.61% for the day to Ƀ0.01198 per ZEC and up 0.12% against the dollar to $65.16 with an average volume of Ƀ7.0k for the 24 hour period.

Cardano is up 1.52% to Ƀ0.00001335 on Ƀ5.2k volume.

Monero is down 1.15% against the dollar at $67.11 and down 0% against Bitcoin at Ƀ0.01232 on volumes of Ƀ4.5k.

Waves is down 4.15% to Ƀ0.0004388 on Ƀ1.1k volume.

Iota is down 0.61% to Ƀ0.00005084 on Ƀ716.814 volume.

NEM is up 0.09% to Ƀ0.00001086 on Ƀ432.932 volume.

Stratis is down 0.12% to Ƀ0.0001688 on Ƀ322.111 volume.

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