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Many significant others will tell their Bitcoin investor partners that they are gambling with their money. And despite lengthy refutations explaining why this is not in fact the case, it probably takes them years to believe that Bitcoin investing is not gambling (probably timed with the market cycles).

What’s more, there is actual Bitcoin gambling. And one website will help you prove it.

The website is a one-stop shop for everything related to online Bitcoin gambling. And for the uninitiated, there is a large and growing ecosystem already thriving on the internet to service this demand. has its finger on the pulse of Bitcoin - and not only Bitcoin - gambling: Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Dash online gambling is fully covered and reviewed. Cognizant of the especially stringent regulations of one of the world’s largest crypto markets - the USA - the site even has a special section dedicated to reviewing only US-friendly operators.

Reviews are the core of the website, and dozens of online casinos are already reviewed, with more coming all the time. Reviews are conducted by itself; and user reviews and ratings are also allowed on the site. These user ratings are personally checked by to keep bots out; and users must write an actual review in order to rate 1-5 to try and maintain some level of quality in user ratings.

The review process is outlined by the website’s one-man developer, who dutifully explains his process with a personal touch. Reviews are extensive, with all of a gambling website’s claims tested and reported on. Stipulations on things like bonuses and free spins are translated from whatever vague style they might be written in, and into plain English. scrutinizes gambling sites’ licensing situation and background, as well as all negative feedback or user experiences that can be found on any given site. They also test the response of any customer support that the reviewed site might offer.

Of course, the functionality of each site is assessed in terms of speed, deposit and withdrawal times and qualities, are all tested for each reviewed site.

In addition to a generalized review process, ranks and organizes reviewed sites across a number of specific categories. For example, there is a separate ranking of the bonuses offered by all reviewed sites, and reviews and ranks these in a dedicated section.

Gambling sites are also organized by the specific games they offer, and ranks sites based on this metric. Poker, blackjack, roulette, etc all have their own ranking lists for which sites do that specific game best.

In conclusion, if you want to gamble with Bitcoin, has you covered. You can quickly find the sort of betting you want to do: by specific game, by bonus amount, and by US-friendly websites. The review process is thorough, fully rationalized, and publicly described by the site.

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