Faucet Gaming - The Ultimate Guide

Imagine playing you favorite videogame. Now imagine that same situation but receiving money while you play. If it sounds too good it’s probably because you are one of the many people who still haven’t heard about faucet games. In the old days you would have to purchase your videogame from the store, the pay-to-play model, then the free-to-play model was invented, where you are able to play a game for free. This more recent model is monetized through extra content that can be purchased, be it power ups or skins for you favorite character, or through advertisement. Nowadays we are witnessing the inception of a new model, play-for-pay, and blockchain technology will play a big part in it. Below we will be listing the top faucet gaming categories.

Brain Games

Satoshi Quiz is a fun quiz game that rewards you with Bitcoin for every correct answer (“Knowledge is Money”). Prizes range between a mere 100 Satoshis for easy questions and can go up to 1 million Satoshis when completing regular challenges. You get 10 lives for every hour and for every wrong question you lose a life. However, there is a 60 second timer for every question, making it for a tech savvy individual to google the answer before the time runs out.

Bitcoin Riddle is a simple website that rewards users for solving riddles. It offers a hefty amount of Bitcoin to whoever is able to solve the riddle but beware, the riddles are challenging and only a selected few are ever able to solve them.

Mining Games

Want to mine crypto but lack capital? Crypto Mining Game and Febbit are virtual mining games where you can earn crypto while playing. Crypto Mining Game is more popular among players and can earn you both Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin while playing. Febbit on the other hand has a nicer layout and you can play it on your phone. Both games have small differences between each other, making it a matter of preference.

Casino Games

This is the category that has been around the longest and is also the one that offers the most options. Most Bitcoin gambling websites have faucets, this was done as a way to allure players that don’t own Bitcoin to gamble on their website. Dice, Blackjack, Slot Machines, Video Poker, Roulette, and Baccarat are just a few of the options available. BitcoinRush, CryptoGames and LuckyGames are good options that offer both a faucet and a great variety of games in which you can bet on.

Multiplayer Games

BitQuest is not the typical faucet game. It is not even a game per se, but rather a special server of the famous Minecraft videogame. In BitQuest the ingame economy uses bits, a fraction of Bitcoin (1/1000000), and you can earn them by killing monster or trading items with other players. It started out as an experiment but has grown considerably and has a strong community supporting the project.

Chopcoin is a very fun interactive faucet game. It is inspired on the famous Agar videogame where players control a bubble that grows larger as it absorbs other bubbles. Better than explaining it is to try it out for yourself.

Mobile Games

Most of us spend a hefty amount of our lives on our phones but we gain little from it. But fear not, we can now earn crypto while playing games on our phone. Below we will list the most successful and fun mobile games that earn you Bitcoin.

Alien Run is a 2D platform game where you need to kill aliens in order to save the Earth. You play with Daniel D’Alien and must avoid hitting any blocks and jump at the right time in order to get through the levels. Each level you complete earns you some Satoshis and it is one of the most fun and popular Bitcoin faucet games. (Android / iOS)

Blockchain Game is another popular game from the same producer as Alien Run. In this game you have to carefully stock blocks on top of each other, earning you Satoshis every time you are able to stack more than 10 blocks. (Android / iOS)

Takara, translated to treasure in Japanese, is a geocaching game similar to Pokemon Go. You can go on adventures and plant your own or find other’s hidden treasures, earning Bitcoin while doing it of course. (Android / iOS)


It is expected that more and more quality games will integrate blockchain technology in their in-game economies, just like BitQuest did with Minecraft. The videogames listed are fun but most of them are plagued with ads, making the gaming experience less fun. However, the Satoshis we receive while playing are a portion of the revenue received through advertisement, so it is essential for the faucets to work. Happy life, happy gaming!

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