2Miners Pool Website

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  • Server Locations Asia,Europe
  • Average Fee 1.25%

2Miners is a cryptocurrency mining pool where users can mine ETH, ETC, EXP, MUSIC, ETP, PIRL, WHL, DBIX, BTG, ZEC, ZCL, ZEN, ELLA, CLO, YOC, AKA, HUSH, BTCP and BTCZ. There is a 0.5% fee for PPLNS and 1.5% for solo.

The servers for 2Miners are:

ETH (Ethereum)

  • eth.2miners.com:2020
  • solo-eth.2miners.com:6060

ETC (Ethereum Classic)

  • etc.2miners.com:1010
  • solo-etc.2miners.com:5050

EXP (Expanse)

  • exp.2miners.com:3030
  • solo-exp.2miners.com:7070

Musicoin (MUSIC)

  • music.2miners.com:4040
  • solo-music.2miners.com:8080

Metaverse (ETP)

  • etp.2miners.com:9292
  • solo-etp.2miners.com:9292

Pirl (PIRL)

  • solo-pirl.2miners.com:9090

Whalecoin (WHL)

  • solo-whl.2miners.com:9191

Dubaicoin (DBIX)

  • solo-dbix.2miners.com:2020

Bitcoin Gold (BTG)

  • btg.2miners.com:4040
  • solo-btg.2miners.com:4040

Zcash (ZEC)

  • zec.2miners.com:1010
  • solo-zec.2miners.com:1010

Zclassic (ZCL)

  • zcl.2miners.com:2020
  • solo-zcl.2miners.com:6060

Zencash (ZEN)

  • zen.2miners.com:303
  • solo-zen.2miners.com:7070
ELLA (Ellaism)
CLO (Callisto)
YOC (Yocoin)
AKA (Akroma)
HUSH (Hush)
BTCP (Bitcoin Private)
BTCZ (Bitcoin Z)


Mining pool minimum payout

PPLNS: 0.02 ETH 0.1 ETC 0.1 EXP 0.1 MUSIC 0.1 ETP 0.01 BTG 0.01 ZEC 0.01 ZCL 0.01 ZEN 0.1 ELLA 0.1 CLO 0.1 YOC 0.1 AKA 0.01 HUSH 0.01 BTCP 0.01 BTCZ SOLO: 1 ETH 1 ETC 1 EXP 1 MUSIC 1 ETP 1 PIRL 1 WHL 1 DBIX 0.01 BTG 0.01 ZEC 0.01 ZCL 1 ELLA 1 CLO 1 YOC 1 AKA 0.01 HUSH 0.01 BTCP 0.01 BTCZ 0.01 ZEN

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