Dwarf Pool Pool Website

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  • Server Locations Asia,Europe,U.S.A
  • Average Fee 1%

Dwarf Pool is a ETH, XMR, EXP, ZEC and GRS mining pool with a 1% fee. Dwarf pool keeps the transaciton fees from the block.

The servers for Dwarf Pool are:


  • Europe: eth-eu.dwarfpool.com:8008 (France)
  • U.S.A: eth-us.dwarfpool.com:8008 (Montreal,Canada)
  • Europe: eth-ru.dwarfpool.com:8008 (Moscow)
  • Asia: eth-asia.dwarfpool.com:8008 (Taiwan)
  • Asia: eth-sg.dwarfpool.com:8008 (Singapore)
  • Australia: eth-au.dwarfpool.com:8008 (Melbourne)
  • Asia: eth-cn.dwarfpool.com:8008 (Shanghai/上海市)
  • Europe: eth-us2.dwarfpool.com:8008 (Las Vegas)
  • Europe: eth-ru2.dwarfpool.com:8008 (Moscow)


  • Europe: xmr-eu.dwarfpool.com
  • USA: xmr-usa.dwarfpool.com 



  • Europe: exp-eu.dwarfpool.com:8018
  • U.S.A: exp-us.dwarfpool.com:8018


  • Europe: erebor.dwarfpool.com:3345
  • U.S.A: moria.dwarfpool.com:3345


  • U.S.A: zec-us1.dwarfpool.com (West,Seattle)
    Europe: zec-eu1.dwarfpool.com (France)
    Europe: zec-ru1.dwarfpool.com (Moscow)
    Asia: zec-cn1.dwarfpool.com
Mining pool minimum payout

1.01ETH; 0.2 XMR;1.01 EXP; 1 GRS

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