KanoPool Pool Website

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  • Server Locations Asia,Europe,U.S.A,America
  • Average Fee 0.9%

CKPool also known as Kano Pool is a BTC mining pool with a 0.9% fee and shared transaction fee rewards. The pool doesn't require registration for basic use but includes indepth stats for registered miners. The pool and pool software were created and are run by the CGMiner developers.The Coinbase signature for this pool is: "kano"

The servers for CKPool are:

  • stratum+tcp://stratum.kano.is:3333
  • stratum+tcp://stratum80.kano.is:80
  • stratum+tcp://stratum81.kano.is:81
  • stratum+tcp://stratum443.kano.is:443
  • stratum+tcp://stratum8080.kano.is:8080

There are other nodes located around the world that you may be closer to:

  • stratum+tcp://nya.kano.is:3333 (NewYork)
  • stratum+tcp://uk.kano.is:3333 (London)
  • stratum+tcp://de.kano.is:3333 (Germany)
  • stratum+tcp://jp.kano.is:3333 (Japan)
  • stratum+tcp://sg.kano.is:3333 (Singapore)
  • stratum+tcp://or.kano.is:3333 (Oregon)

kano.is mining servers, website, and email are all also available at kano.space. (It's a 'backup domain' in case you ever have any problems using the kano.is domain)

Mining pool minimum payout

After 100 confirmations

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