MineXMR Pool Website

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  • Server Locations Europe
  • Average Fee 1%

MineXMR is a Monero Mining pool that allows users to mine XMR through a prop payment system and for a 1% fee. 10% of the fee is donated to Monero core dev. MineXMR uses 3 Mixin to pay miners.

The servers for MineXMR are:

  • stratum+tcp://pool.minexmr.com:4444 or 5555 (Low range CPU/GPU)
  • stratum+tcp://pool.minexmr.com:7777 or 80 or 443 (Mid range CPU/GPU)
  • stratum+tcp://pool.minexmr.com:3333 (Modern High End, Nicehash, etc)
  • stratum+tcp://pool.minexmr.com:6666 (SSL port)
Mining pool minimum payout

0.5 XMR

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