CryptoCompare Releases Exchange Review for October 2019


London, 29th November 2019: CryptoCompare, the global leader in digital asset data, today released its October 2019 Exchange Review which provides analysis of key developments in the cryptocurrency exchange-traded market.

This month marks the release of our most recent Q3 Exchange Benchmark that now evaluates over 160 exchanges, and incorporates over 60 qualitative and quantitative metrics into the grading. New categories since the last Q2 issue includes Security and Negative News reports.

We have focused for this edition on a condensed version of our usual monthly exchange review. We will resume the Derivatives and Trade sections in next month’s (November) submission.

CryptoCompare’s Exchange Review evaluates the consistency and quality of cryptocurrency exchange data, assessing exchanges based on spot 24-hour volume and pricing data. The review covers: exchange rankings by volume; predominant fee types; derivatives data; derivative products; fiat, bitcoin and stablecoin volumes. It also analyses how volumes have developed for the top trans-fee mining and decentralised exchanges.

Key highlights:

Exchanges that charge typical taker fees represented 66% of total exchange volume in October, while those that implement trans-fee mining (TFM) represented 32%.

Fee-charging exchanges traded a total of 370.3 billion USD in October (up 9.8% since September), while those that implement TFM traded 181.42 billion USD (down 3.8% since September). The remaining volume represented trading by exchanges that predominantly charge no trading fees, at 6.39 billion USD.

BitForex was the top crypto to crypto exchange by total volume in October at 34.48 billion USD (up 37.33% since September). This was followed by CoinBene and Binance at 32.96 billion USD (up 19.65%) and 30.32 billion USD (up 12.02%) respectively.

P2PB2B was the top fiat to crypto exchange by total volume in October at 24.26 billion USD (up 83.23% since September). This was followed by Coinsbit and Bithumb at 7.93 billion USD (up 15.87%) and 6.44 billion USD (down 63.65%) respectively.

DDEX was the largest DEX in October trading a total of 28.89 million USD (down 7.41%), followed by IDEX and Bisq trading 8.8 million USD (down 40.05%) and 4.11 million USD (down 62.56%) respectively.

DEXs represent only a small fraction of global spot exchange volume (0.01%), trading a monthly total of 45.17 million USD in October.

The full October Exchange Review can be found here.

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