ArbiSmart Review: Benefiting from Arbitrage with Ease

16 Apr 2020

The cryptocurrency space is well-known for its volatility. At the height of the Corona pandemic the price of bitcoin and most other crypto assets plummeted by around 40% in one of the worst-ever days for the market. While some dread the volatility, others see it as an opportunity.

Arbitrage, which involves trading an asset in different markets to profit from the price differences, is nothing new. If a trader can buy BTC at $7,000 on one exchange and then sell it for $7,100 on another, they can make a $100 profit – if we exclude trading fees, of course.

The cryptocurrency arena’s volatility increases arbitrage opportunities. Data shows that during the spring 2020 crypto market crash, the price difference for 1 BTC between two major crypto exchanges – OKEx and Bitstamp – was over $500 for a short period.

Taking Advantage of Arbitrage in Crypto

ArbiSmart is a cryptocurrency investment platform using a smart trading bot to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities. The ArbiSmart bot is backed by a next-gen algorithm that tracks the prices of top cryptocurrencies across exchanges, to make the best available arbitrage deals.  Users can automatically take advantage of the arbitrage opportunities that appear on over 20 exchanges without having to analyze market patterns, identify opportunities or execute trades themselves.

The platform is regulated in the European Union ensuring that it remains a secure, trustworthy and reliable platform. ArbiSmart holds two EU licenses for its services meaning that user data is protected by strict security protocols, account integrity is safeguarded against money laundering and fraud, the company has adequate operational funds at all times to pay clients and an insurance fund to provide collateral if ever required. ArbiSmart is already well established in the crypto world and has a solid reputation. Users know exactly what to expect as their profit range, which depends on their account level, is clearly and presented on the website.

On TrustPilot the cryptocurrency investment platform has received overwhelmingly positive ratings for its services. ArbiSmart is based in Estonia but offers its services to users throughout the world, as long as they aren’t U.S. residents and are over 18 years old.

According to the firm, it can handle large volumes of transactions while taking advantage of multiple arbitrage opportunities simultaneously. ArbiSmart also offers human support 24 hours a day via multiple channels including email, phone, Whatsapp, Telegram, Viber, and Messenger.

How to Use ArbiSmart

 To use ArbiSmart users will need to first create an account – a standard procedure with pretty much every platform out there. Taking advantage of the investment opportunity with the platform will involve an initial deposit of at least €500.

Purchase of RBIS, ArbiSmart’s native token is required for use of ArbiSmart’s crypto arbitrage platform and buying RBIS generates profits in EUR. The token is not yet listed on exchanges, though from time to time, ArbiSmart opens sell options and buys back RBIS tokens from clients, some of whom have already made over 50% profits in less than a year as the token has up to now continued to rise in value.   

The ArbiSmart system offers very competitive returns for the industry. Different investments will give users access to different perks based on their account types. Per ArbiSmart’s website, every account gets 24/7 access and an estimated yearly profit above 10%, although larger investments may give the user access to a dedicated account manager, connections to additional exchanges, and invitations to private events.

As soon as they have funded their accounts, users will be able to start investing with the platform to start earning daily profits from arbitrage opportunities. Once a deposit is made the funds automatically join the company's liquidity pool to generate revenue. Since the platform is fully automated, the user needn’t do anything as every aspect of the trading process is done for them. They will already start earning profits within 24 hours, which they can choose to receive in EUR and withdraw it to their bank account or withdraw as BTC or ETH.

The platform’s menu includes tabs for displaying earnings, making deposits, viewing account status, uploading know-your-customer (KYC) documentation and tracking live arbitrage opportunities. In addition, even though the user is not required to do the trading themselves, Arbismart provides quality trading data and education tools via the company blog.

In addition to its automated crypto arbitrage platform, ArbiSmart is set to launch an interest bearing wallet offering returns reaching over 20% per year, for which they have already received an EU license. Users will be able to securely store their funds in a regular account, where they can earn daily profits in EUR,BTC,ETH,USDT and more, and withdraw them whenever they wish. Alternatively, they will be able to move their funds to a locked account for a chosen time frame, compounding their interest, until it’s time to withdraw the funds. By transferring tokens to a mid to long-term savings account or keeping them in RBIS users can earn a significantly higher return in comparison to other coins available on the platform.

ArbiSmart also lets users earn via an affiliate program or by sharing the platform on social media to earn points. Via the referral program, users can earn based on the investments of the referrals, but the program only applies to direct referrals.

It’s worth pointing out here, the referral program only goes one level deep – for direct referrals – and isn’t, as such, a multi-level marketing program. Our test account on ArbiSmart has so far made a steady profit, at the top end of the range presented on the website  and the user-friendly platform allowed us to easily navigate the backend.

If you’d like to find out more about the project visit their website, or follow them on social media.


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